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  1. I *did* figure that out, too. So, yes, at least the headlights are off. But the interior light is enough to drive me crazy. Even if I have the side doors open (and the light has gone off), if I open one of the front doors, the damn interior light comes on again. Who thought this through? It's incredibly stupid. Now I leave the windows down so I can reach in if needed. It works as long as I don't actually need to get back into the front seat, but still annoys me!
  2. I can't believe I am the only person to complain about this "feature" but here goes. I just bought a 2015 Transit Connect XL (LWB) last Friday. I transport dogs in crates to dog shows (performance events, agiliy, frisbee, etc) so the cargo space in this tiny van is great for my purposes and so far I love it. When I got to shows, however, I will park in the shade, open the side doors and the back door and leave them open all day. I will also periodically come back to the car and sometimes have to open one or both of the front doors. For some reason Ford decided to have the front, rear, and interior lights come on when a door is open, and then all these lights stay on for 10 minutes. If you open another (different) door after the lights finally go out, they all come on again and your 10 minutes starts all over again. There is some information about turning off the headlights when a door is open and I've done that, but there are still lights in the front head light and tail light assembly that come on and stay on, not to mention the LED light in the back cargo area which has no switch whatsoever associated with it (unlike every other vehicle in America). I took it back to the dealer and was basically told I was SOL. Apparently this is programmed into the ECU and cannot be changed. Does anyone know if there is a workaround or way to change the behavior or the timing. Is no one else bothered by this "feature"? Thanks!! Amanda pretty happy except for this one little thing....