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  1. Andrew James

    unusual camper bed

    this looks interesting... http://cdn.pinthiscars.com/images/ford-transit-camper-conversion-kit-wallpaper-6.jpg
  2. Andrew James

    unusual camper bed

    and another http://www.kues.de/newsdetail.aspx?ID=12836
  3. Andrew James

    unusual camper bed

    or this one more traditional http://www.motorhomefulltime.com/vehicle/evie-ford-tourneo-connect-camper-conversion
  4. Andrew James

    unusual camper bed

    hi guys not been on here for a while, 15000 miles in to my tourneo and cant fault it.. found this whilst surfing, not sure if its been already posted so apologies if its has http://www.autohimmelbett.de/fahrzeuge/ford/ford-tourneo-connect-lang-ii-bj-seit-2013
  5. Andrew James

    thank you ford NOT!

    When will manufactures listen? we dont want all this electronic &HIT put on our cars... we want to go from a to b and fix it when it goes wrong, not return to dealer.. fitted my winter wheels, and it turns out that the gen 2 connect has valve sensors in the cars to warn you when it gets low... pressure so now it throws up a malfunction.. i refuse to pay £80 for four sensors when i got a perfectly good pair of eyes and a good feel for steering.. I hope ford can disable this electronically via the on board computer... ive just got rid of my fleet of VW vans because of all the electrical problems and unfixable problems unless you return to dealer..
  6. Andrew James

    Rear storage

    nice, good craftmanship.... i like it
  7. Andrew James

    2014 Wagon - do it all work van. my mods

    hi guys, been hard at work.. yes trailer has brakes, and tows it lovely.... got 35mpg with a full tank of fuel burned towing max 1 tonne load so well chuffed with that.. now ive had it a month or so, honestly its a fantastic piece of kit.... very versatile... the heated front screen is a treat... temperatures dropping so looking forward to getting my black alloys on and winter wheels... best van ive had for sure, and when you get back in a family car you realise just how big the front screen is and how far it is from you!..... it really feels cramped in anything else..
  8. Andrew James

    2014 Wagon - do it all work van. my mods

    yes its a tipper on my bigger vans i could load it with two tonne of stone... but the connect is rated lower....tend to get most of those goods delivered now anyway.. so its only used for moving bigger sized items, my aluminium tower or long lengths of timber.. pulls it lovely... very stable with plenty of power the diesel has bags of torque.. Aj
  9. Andrew James

    2014 Wagon - do it all work van. my mods

    couple of at work pictures from this morning
  10. Andrew James

    2014 Wagon - do it all work van. my mods

    there are quite a few options around.. wheels are these.. made in germany https://www.tyreleader.co.uk/alloy-wheels/monaco/grand-prix-3352/7x16-et45-5x108-63.4-132369 tyres are these made in finland https://www.tyreleader.co.uk/car-tyres/nokian/wr-d4/205-60-r16-96h-353982 both are available in 17" versions... but the black wheels and tyres make them look a real good fit, plus you get a smooooth ride:) cheers Andy
  11. Andrew James

    sunglass holder

    Right o... i have three cars. Volvo XC 60 VW T5.1 transporter kombi And Transit Connect all have sunglass holders, & i have three pairs of different sunglasses, yet none of them properly fit in any vehicle... as the sunglasses are either too big or the holders too small...... is this just me??
  12. Andrew James

    Disable Perimeter Lighting

    ive got a 2014 transit connect, and find the lights really annoying that you cant disable.., i use my waggon for site work and often leave my doors & boot open, I hate looking at it with the lights on... thinking its flattening the battery.... . its really daft.. & want to disable it.. there is no point to it at all, and i completely disagree with fords logic behind this feature that its a saftey thing... Im going to forgive fords decision on this so called feature, as the rest of the vehicle is just perfect.... but will fire them off an email... a good excuse to change all the bulbs out to leds.... i suppose... only for my piece of mind
  13. Andrew James

    2014 Wagon - do it all work van. my mods

    just fitted one of these http://www.bluesparkautomotive.com/carspecs2?carid=6644 was a real pain to fit due to the reverse engine layout .. I had to remove the air filter, battery, battery box, then get a mirror down the back of the engine to find the plugs to swap out.. a few cups of tea, three hours later all done..and like all things is about an hours job once you know what you are doing... i ve had it on for a few days now, the extra torque low down makes super smooth driving, cant comment on the mpg as been towing a loaded trailer for a few days but computer shower 43mpg at present... the diesel engine had a little turbo lag from the off and this device has cured it, which is all i wanted to achieve.. its now around 150bhp and 300nm torque with the standard setting... which is compromise between more power and more mpg... thumbs up so far..
  14. Andrew James

    Converted 2015 LWB Wagon into a Van

    thats an awesome post.. i like what you have done... it looks like its created a lot of space.. its it just a case of removing the four star bolts on the rear mosts seats to remove? i too purchased the Tourneo waggon over the van versions as it was the same price here... presently i have made a folding plywood base that covers the seats for mine, in various arrangements with timber runners to locate plastic boxes..but what you have done is really good.. and creates huge space its a truly great versatile vehicle that drives great and i can only see more people going down your route... great tip re the horse mat, just ordered some from the bay... andy