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  1. Ken Wilson

    Fog Lights

    Not sure if this will help solve your power problem, or not, but I also installed a couple of standard fuses in the under-dash fuse box that were not installed from the factory. Seems like I referred to the owner's manual, looked up the fuse box diagram, and I installed fuses in any position that had to do with auxiliary lighting or fog lamps. However, despite installing these two or three fuses, I didn't get power into the factory harness until I installed the two relays. Maybe the relays AND the fuses were needed? I really don't know. I installed my lights by trial and error.
  2. One of the bulbs on the right side is burned out. Turn on your right turn signal and check the front and back bulbs.
  3. Ken Wilson

    Fog Lights

    Here is a night shot with the fog lamps lit up........
  4. Ken Wilson

    Fog Lights

    The halo rings illuminate anytime the parking lamps or headlamps are activated. The european-style, 2-position headlight switch is designed to allow the front foglamps and rear foglamps to be activated independently. The switch also allows the foglamps to be deployed in the parking lamp mode. Easy to install, too... the factory wiring harness plugs right in.
  5. Ken Wilson

    Fog Lights

    Here's a night shot taken with just the halo rings lit (foglamps off). The halo ring bulbs are blue LEDs and I chose to put red boots on them. Might try some yellow ones to see how they look.
  6. Ken Wilson

    Fog Lights

    My foglight project was completed today. I'm still tinkering with different bulbs and halo ring colors, but the lights are installed and they're working. Both lights were wired into the factory foglight harness using modified spade connectors. The halo rings were wired into the wiring harness feeding the side marker lights. Parts list: RS Type 3" projector lamps purchased off ebay. Part # 4-FL-7580-PHL-W......... $55.00 One 2-position (european style) headlight switch. Ford part # BT1Z-11654-A....... $101.98 One 5-pin foglamp relay (position 121 in the cabin fuse box). Ford part # 6G9214N089-A..... $28.19 One 4-pin foglamp relay (position 31F in the engine bay fuse box). Ford part # 5L3Z14N089-AA.... $38.36 I cut the airdam "juicers" with a 67mm (2 5/8") hole saw. The hole required only minor clean up for the foglights to fit. I bought an extra set of 100w H3 bulbs and might swap those in to see how much brighter they are over the standard H3 bulbs. I did not use the blue bulbs that came with the lights because of personal preferences. I also put red boots over the halo bulbs to change them from blue to orange.
  7. Ken Wilson

    Fog Lights

    I'm currently installing a pair of 3" projector lamps (with halo rings) in my 2012. Bought them off ebay for $55.00. Hope to have the install completed this weekend and will post the pictures when I'm done.
  8. I am in the process of doing an aftermarket fog light install on mine right now. I've got the juicers cut out, the 3" projector lamps installed in the airdam and both are wired to the factory wiring harness. Front foglight relays have been installed in both fuse boxes, but I'm still not getting power to the lamps. Figured it must be the one-position headlight switch in the dash, so I just ordered the two-position unit from Ford on Monday. With any luck, I'll have them up and running this weekend.
  9. Ken Wilson

    Cheap wheel cover solution

    I take them off every time that I wash the van. No problems yet.
  10. Ken Wilson

    For Sale: 2012 Transit Connect hubcaps

    All four wheel covers are still available.
  11. Ken Wilson

    For Sale: 2012 Transit Connect hubcaps

    Got it, and I just emailed you back.
  12. Ken Wilson

    For Sale: 2012 Transit Connect hubcaps

    Yeah, I know. Not looking to get rich, just trying to clear out some garage space.
  13. Ken Wilson

    Belt minder turn off

    Turned the TC's BeltMinder off today and only had to perform the task from the driver's seat to get both seats turned off. :D
  14. Set of four mint condition 2012 Transit Connect XLT hubcaps. No scrapes, scratches, or abrasions of any kind whatsoever.... even the wheel sides are clean! Individual caps are $17.50 each plus shipping. The whole set for $50 plus shipping. Located in Cypress, TX (77429)