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  1. framebinder

    Turn off back up sensor?

  2. framebinder

    Handles like a pig in the snow

    Haven't been in any real snow yet, but I'd suggest Nokiam 7's. They are also much quieter than the Conti's and the handling got lighter and quicker. I'm tempted to leave them on all year. I've heard that they'll get more milage than the Bridgestone Blizzact or the Michelin model.
  3. framebinder

    need winter tires

    I bought a set of Nokian 7's. No snow yet, so I have no report. But, they are way quieter, and the handling is lighter. They have got to be better than the stockers in the snow. They couldn't much handle anything.
  4. framebinder

    orgin of nationality

    Thanks 43. Either way, I like the engine.
  5. framebinder

    orgin of nationality

    When we bought our Transit, the salsman told us the motor was built in Spain. The other day, however, I heard that it's German. Ours is a 2010, if that makes a difference. Thanks
  6. framebinder

    return of the frozen sensor

    Nothing yet to report, but it's gonna get cold this weekend. Stay tuned.
  7. framebinder

    return of the frozen sensor

    So, I washed the van and that night we got below 0 F. and the backup alarm wailed in the morning. Took it to the Ford garage who once they brought it in and it warmed some, no alarm. They then washed it, parked it outside and they finally heard it for themselves. They tried doing tests, called the Ford hotline, but no conclusion or fixes, not the module either. They did determine that one sensor was stronger than the others, and one was weaker. They switched these two and we'll wait for the cold to return and see what the same test says. if the readings change, then it's the sensor, if they don't, then it's the wiring. In the meantime, they are ordering up new sensor parts. They had it for 5 days and have put in a lot of time. Do they get paid by Ford for all the hours? They also gave me a Ranger pickup to drive. (I wouldn't buy one).
  8. framebinder

    return of the frozen sensor

    Couldn't get to the washing, but boy does it need it. Perhaps today. The Ford garage says there is no relay, but there is a module that hooks up to the 4 sensors and the alarm.
  9. framebinder

    return of the frozen sensor

    I have not had the problem even occur eve though it went to below -2F last night. I will be washing the van tomorrow and we'll see if that has something to do with it. Meanwhile, Ford service has nothing to say that will help.
  10. framebinder

    Reprogram door locks

    Your horn blows when you lock it? What year? I wish mine did but I actually haven't looked to see if it's programmable. i just wish it beeped instead of a flashing light show! My 2010 XLT doesn't blow the horn and I'm glad it doesn't. Very annoying. I'd be looking to program it out.
  11. framebinder

    return of the frozen sensor

    I tend to think about it being relay related too. I'm sure the sensors are not damaged. Maine hasn't had anther 5 F. night since last the sensor wailed. Tuesday and wednesday it's supposed to get near 0, we'll see. The service manager says I'm the only one calling him about this, it's comforting to hear someone else has the problem.
  12. framebinder

    Aftermarket Wheels and TPMS

    Wow Woody, that's a lot of hassle. I much prefer the magic black plastic tape over the light solution and then regulary check my tire pressure. And 49 lbs. in back just seems insane for every day running around.
  13. framebinder

    Want to see $5K damage toa TC ?

    I managed to tap the rear of a Jeep at less than 5 mph and wound up with $2800 in damage. I didn't need a fender, but the hood alone was $800 unpainted. Getting parts took a couple of weeks. They did a great job though and matched the paint color perfectly. Of course, the old paint was only a month old and hadn't faded yet. New headlight, some plastic parts not visible. The bumper cleaned up. 
  14. framebinder

    seat belt buzzer turn off, please

    I finally had the dealer do it for me, though he made me sign a paper releasing him from liability. It still beeps, but only one time.
  15. framebinder

    return of the frozen sensor

    Last winter I wrote you all about my backup sensor going off in the cold. WELL IT'S BACK. Maine got to 8 F. last night and all day long it wailed in reverse. The dealer was never able to diagnose the problem. I did take a dry towel to clean them (they looked clean) but that didn't help. I'll be calling the dealer this morning and see if there is a new answer, but I'm not holding my breath. Any of you have a solution? Am I the only one having this problem? Tonight it got down to 5.