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  1. firstford

    Sun Visor

    I know that this is an old topic but I have the same issue with with my 2012 Transit Connect. The driver's visor slides off the rod. There doesn't seem to be any way to stop it doing that. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. ActiveIndy, My wife, a landscaper, needed a strongish parcel shelf to carry trays of plants in the spring. So I decided to use steel shelving and a piece of the truck bed mat that I had left over (after lining the floor with the truck bed liner. 1. The first picture is the two pieces of shelves and the piece of liner. 2. Second picture is the shelves in place. Both shelves have notches cut into thme so they fit into the front and back respectively 3. Third picture is shelves again showing a padding string underneath 4. Fourth is rubber mat in place. Prevents any shelf movement and does not rattle. Can take quite a weight especially towards the edge of the shelves. The shelves have a little lip which prevents sliding too. The van is dirty as it's being making multiple trips to the nursery. This shelf stays in just for 3 months or so, then we remove it.
  3. firstford

    Parcel tray

    Homemade parcel tray for carrying trays of plants
  4. Fianccone, I used the completely stiff lightweight plastic-coated wire-type steel shelving and put rubber matting on top. There is no sagging at all. The shelving has worked fantastically for all the trays of plants that my wife has been carrying on there.
  5. My 5-day old 2012 TC Wagon had a problem when I put into in reverse. The engine kept running but it did not back up (it was like it was in Neutral). I could go forward. Tried restarting a couple of times. Buddy got in and tried. No luck. The lever had no problem changing between gears. I was able to do a very tight turn circle and get back home. The problem did not re-occur. Took it to dealer; they could not re-create or find problem. They said get it towed to dealership next time. Have been driving for another 5 days now with no problems. It's a little worrying every time that I park now. I have to think that a two truck may have to be able to get me out :( Anyone heard of this issue or have any ideas how it could be solved? Thanks
  6. Nyvideo, I had decided that I was going to make one too. Your proposed solution sounds pretty good.
  7. Tranzy, Thanks for your response. Hadn't even heard of the Tourneo Connect Did seaching on eBay UK and Google Shopping UK but didn't come up with anything. I wonder if it might be called something else apart form a "shelf" or "tray"? I done a search through general parts too. Edit: I have found mention of a "PARCEL SHELF (REAR)" for Tourneo Connect but haven't found one yet.
  8. I have a new 2012 Wagon XLT Premium. The cargo area has slots on either side for a large shelf to slide in. Anyone seen this or have any idea where I can get one? Ford USA has no idea. Thanks