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  1. higguns

    return of the frozen sensor

    Same issue here for the last couple of years. Same geographical location and year/model vehicle too. Somethings definately freezing. Once I park it in the sun (facing the rear bumper) it goes away next time I go to use the van.
  2. higguns

    Power Window Switches

    Hello, I have a 2012 ford transit connect XLT with the power window switches for both the driver and passenger windows in the center console beside the e-brake. This van is used for work and usually the switches end up getting covered by something being placed in that area for storage. Kinda a pain when you need to open the window and have to move a bunch of stuff to get at the switches. I know I could just not place anything there, but I always find myself needing a place to put stuff within reach and therefore this spot gets used. I plan on making a custom center console with an armrest and storage compartment shortly, and would like to relocate the switches to the doors (like every car I've ever ridden in has them). Just wondering if anyone has completed this or if there is any parts that I should look for. I realize that the switches are together as one unit (with the trim) so I guess I would need another switch separately for the passenger side door. Please give me your advice. Thanks
  3. higguns

    Sun Visor

    Hello, Our sun visor on the driver side keeps falling down off the round plastic pivot thing. It seems like there should be some retaining clip or something to hold it up there.... not sure. Does anyone have a diagram? Its a 2012 ford transit connect XLT. Thanks