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  1. Tiller, How much did it cost you to have it done and what dealership did it? Can you you share any other information, like specifically what they did? Thanks.
  2. 2016 TC LWB. I want a hitch with a 2" receiver for a bike rack. I'll never tow anything but I want a worry-free ownership experience. The difference in price is $100 for a bolt on hitch from U-Haul ($200) vs. a welded-on hitch from Eckhart ($300) respectively. The prices exclude wiring but like I said I'll never tow anything. Which will be the most secure? Pros, cons?
  3. Hello, Thinking about removing all but the front seats to increase headroom and reduce weight since my intention is to create a road tripping, dog/surfmobile out of my newly acquired TC XLT LWB. Questions- Has anyone else done this and is the floor underneath the seats flat? Thanks!