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  1. fidelillo

    Volvo S40 16 inch wheels

    $50.00 to $100.00 each. i got these for $400.00 w/tires not so bad tires tho!!
  2. fidelillo

    Volvo Wheels

    Volvo S60 wheels w/ 225/50/17 tires, some drop mileage, but lot smoother and enjoyable ride. love the elegant look it gives the ride!!
  3. fidelillo

    Volvo S40 16 inch wheels

    Did the same as well, 17 inch s60 volvo they work well, no off set, quieter ride.
  4. fidelillo

    Fideko's Transit Connect

    This is my ride!1
  5. I would belive it to be the top braket of suspension sturts. it will wear off by use, independently your shock absorbers are in good shape. its annoying!!
  6. hello to everybody!!

  7. fidelillo

    Weird Transmission Problem

    hello!! there!! concern about transmission problems, What was the cause of this malfuction? and how did they fixed it? I bought a TC 2 month ago and it has 7034 miles and had some similar problems that you have discribed. highwy driving and some uphill driving have been the usage of my TC. No heavy loading. can"t quite belive it, but just loking for some light at the end of this tunnel. transmission kinds of slip at high revolutions and does not realese the overdrive shift( transmission only changes the firt three gears. My TC is at the shop for warranty, since it started with the symtoms like a week ago turning more severe whith use to to the level that its not fun to drive anymore!! will catch up whith you as soon as i get it back!! take care!!