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  1. NWCamperMan


    Replaced the passenger side engine mount as the vibration continued to get much worse. Vibration is much reduced, but not completely gone. I'll probably replace the replace the drivers side mount too. Only about 36k on the van. A bit frustrating. The curse of the Focus engine mount bad design continues.
  2. NWCamperMan

    Cargo area vent?

    Vibration got worse as I suspected. Replaced the passenger side engine mount. Huge difference, but still some vibration so I'll probably replace the drivers side next. A little frustrating with less than 40k.
  3. NWCamperMan


    So my vibration has worsened over time and I think it may be a bad engine mount that plagued the Focus. Will probably try replacing the passenger one first.
  4. My advice would also be to look at van conversion companies in your area. I don't think your going to find many kits available. If I were starting from scratch, I'd probably work with a local company that converts a lot of sprinter/transit/promaster vans here in the Portland area. I'd have them add insulation, a removable bed and refrigerator along with a house battery and fantastic fan and storage. My conversion has a microwave and sink along with a built in water tank I almost never use. There's a pretty cool example of a more minalmilist approach here that was done by Sportsmobile for this company. http://www.campervannorthamerica.com/photo-gallery-edelweiss.shtml
  5. NWCamperMan

    Cargo area vent?

    Sorry for the delay in responding. I've been off this site for some time. I still have my 2010 Transit Connect camper conversion with about 35,000 miles on it. The conversion was done by Art's Custom Truck Trix in the Portland, Oregon area. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Arts-custom-truck-trix/200004643376697 I bought the van used from the Ford dealer in Newberg who had originally sold it new. The conversion came with a bed, refrigerator, sink and 5 gallon water tank, microwave, interior lights, house battery, inverter and storage. House battery is charged when the vehicle is running or when plugged into shore power via the 110 outlet. I added new fantastic fan a few months after buying the van. The work was done by Van Specialties in Tualatin, Oregon. https://www.vanspecialties.com They just resealed the outside again last week for me. The fan is great during the hot weather. I would not enjoy camping without it. I've never run the house battery out using both the refrigerator and fan for about three days without outside power. The conversion has worked well and held up just fine. I'm not as happy with the van itself though. One of the cooling fans had to be replaced at about 25k which I can understand, stuff breaks. However, at about the same time the van developed a very annoying vibration through the gas pedal, most noticible when the van is under load. You can hear a noise and really feel the vibration. My old 95 Miata has less vibration. The dealer hasn't been helpful. The usual nothing wrong. My independent mechanic (who I trust) thinks the only likely issue is a worn engine mount which is an issue that the Ford Focus had. He added the dog bone mount cover that the TSB calls for and said he'll start by replacing the passenger side mount if the vibration gets worse. Besides the annoying vibration, the van has served me well.
  6. NWCamperMan

    OEM Rims for sale

    Original wheels from 2010 Transit Connect for sale in excellent condition. Removed from vehicle with about 17,000 miles. $80 OBO. Located in Portland, Oregon. Prefer local sale as shipping would be expensive for buyer.
  7. NWCamperMan

    OEM Rims for sale

    Original wheels from 2010 Transit Connect for sale in excellent condition. Removed from vehicle with about 17,000 miles. $80 OBO
  8. NWCamperMan

    New member,I in Salem, OR.

    I'm just up the road and have a Transit Connect RV conversion.
  9. NWCamperMan

    Volvo S40 16 inch wheels

    Bought a couple sets of 2004.5 - 2005 16 inch volvo S40 16 inch rims. Center bore and offset is perfect for the Ford Transit Connect. Winter set with almost new Hankook I-Pike 215/55 97 tires. Summer set with a tire to be chosen at a later date.
  10. Campervan NW has one of their rental Edelweiss Transit Connect campers for sale on eBay. Conversion by Sportsmobile. Located in Idaho near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. http://cgi.ebay.com/...=item3a7bcdbb51
  11. NWCamperMan


    I have the same issue. Took it to the dealer and they checked the heat shields and found no issues. They didn't drive it though. Will make sure they do a test with me in the car next time. I can feel the vibration through the gas pedal. The noise sure sound like a metalic heat shield. Would be curious if any of TC owners have experienced this.
  12. NWCamperMan

    New Transit Connect RV owner

    Added some more photos to my album. Van worked great for a week long camping trip to S. Oregon and N. California. http://fordtransitconnectforum.com/index.php?/gallery/member/2452-nwcamperman/ Next steps are to replace the crappy stereo and add an awning.
  13. NWCamperMan

    Volvo Wheels

    Curious if the bigger wheels reduced your mileage? When I got a some Toyota Matrix 18 inch wheels the mileage in my Vibe dropped about 2-3 mpg. The Vibe came with 16 inch stock wheels. The 18 are offered on the sport model, but that also has a 5 speed automatic vs my 4 speed. Just curious if you noticed in drop off in mileage. I'd like to upgrade my Transit Connect wheels when the tires start to wear out.
  14. NWCamperMan

    New Transit Connect RV owner

    Link with some stock photos of the conversion. http://fordtransit.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=58&t=110749