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  1. If only I'd had the Transit Connect a few weeks ago. This week it's in the 40s and 50s, not ideal for testing the heater.
  2. When Ford redesigned the Transit Connect for 2014, they tried to make it more suitable for families, with sleeker styling and a nicer interior. Have they had much success with this? Anyone here using one as a family hauler? If so, likes/dislikes? If you previously had a conventional minivan, how does the TC compare? I ask because I have a LWB Titanium for a week to review it (pic attached). I really like the handling. Less crazy about how the seats fold. Any reliability issues? I also conduct a reliability survey, but need more TC's signed up before we can include them. Details here: www.truedelta.com/join
  3. ^ This depends on the desired / required options. There are quite a few on the TC. I wonder how the timeframe compares to cars ordered from other European plants.