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  1. MegaZone

    Gen 2 Steelies

    Looks like the TC's I saw in Europe last year.
  2. MegaZone

    Aftermarket TPMS sensor problem

    Nope. The guy just made me promise that the next time I need tires to come see him first. There are still some good guys out there...
  3. MegaZone

    Aftermarket TPMS sensor problem

    Hello Again, Thanks to everyone who replied. I took it to a Discount Tire this morning and it took the tech all of 3 minutes to get eerything working properly. Cool. Thanks again for the advice.
  4. Hi Guys, I need some advice here. I have a 2015 TC cargo van that I bought new and soon after bought some aftermarket Motegi wheels for. The tire shop swapped the Ford TPMS sesors on to the new wheels and everything was hunky dory. Last month I smacked a traffic island (don't ask) and wrecked all four wheels. The insurance company came through and bought me four new wheels and tires which arrived at my house, mounted, balanced and ready to put back on the van. THe new wheels have aftermarket TPMS sensors from a company called Smart and where suppossed to be programmed for my van. Of course once bolted on the TP warning came up on the dash and so I tried the "Relearn" proceedure from the owner's manual. Letting air out of he tires proceedure didn't work so I bought the little Ford TPMS retriggering tool and went through the whole sequence again, but it didn't work either. So my question is: What should I do next? Do I need to take it to the Ford dealer?
  5. Hello All, I have a 2015 Transit Connect LWB van that I use to haul my Suzuki track day bike around in. Anyway last month I was returning to Central Texas after a week spent driving in California and Nevada when my van developed a problem just outside Albuquerque, New Mexico. About 30 miles west of Albuquerque, there was a bad wreck on I-40 east, the result of which backed up traffic for 10 miles. We must have creeped for 90 minutes or so. It was a warm day in the desert, though not that bad, low 90's with low humidity. Just to be safe, I shut off the A/C and rolled down the windows while we creeped making it easy on the van. The temp gauge never budged from it's normal position, about the halfway point. Finally reached the location of the accident where the highway patrol let everyone return to normal speed. It was then that something went very wrong with my van. I had rolled up the windows and turned the A/C back on and as I accelerated to cruising speed, I noticed almost right away that the air coming out of the vents wasn't getting any cooler and the instrument cluster went nuts. All the needles, on the tach, the speedo, the temp gauge, even the gas gauge, went to zero. Every little warning indicator light came on and in the little display between the tach and speedo, "Engine malfunction- Check engine now" or words to that effect were glaring at me. Still, the van seemed to drive fine. It hadn't lost any power, it steered fine and if I wasn't looking at the instruments, the only way I knew something was wrong was the heat in the cockpit. I pulled off the interstate and with the engine running poked around under the hood. Everything seemed perfectly normal. Then I made the mistake of switching off the engine. Tried to restart, no dice. "ENGINE FAULT" appeared on the display and it would not even by turn over. I called the nearest Ford dealer and they told me to have it towed in to the dealership. Luckily I have AAA and we were able to get it there just as the service department closed. I rushed in and gave the person locking up, my key and phone number and they promised to get one of the service advisors to look into the problem the next morning. This happened on a Thursday and the dealership didn’t get to look at it until that Saturday. Saturday afternoon they called to inquire if I had a spare key. It seems that in order to reload the master program into the ECU, you need a second key. That fact should be in big bold letters at the front of the owner’s manual! So anyway I delivered it to the service department where I was told that the technicians were really puzzled. They’d never seen this problem before and were going to reload the master program and see what happens. Monday the dealership loaned me a car and I drove the 700 plus miles home. They said they would continue to troubleshoot and enlist the help of the Ford corporate engineering. They called me three days later and said that Ford corporate was no help but that they had reloaded the program, road tested the vehicle and everything seemed to be hunky dory. No clue why it happened originally. . So I drove up that Friday, dropped off the loaner and drove the van home Saturday. Everything seems to be fine. The van is still under warranty and Ford picked up the tab as well as the loaner car I had for 5 days, but no one seems to have a clue why it happened. Is there anybody else out there having the experience of an ECU going nuts? Mark K. Pflugerville, TX
  6. MegaZone

    Do They All Do This?

    Thanks for getting back to me guys. To LostInTransit:It doesn't appear to be temperature related. It does it just the same, hot or cold. To GBL: It has about 7500 miles on it and has had one service at Ford. I haven't checked the trans fluid level, naively assuming that Ford filled to the proper level the first time. Perhaps I should check it just to be sure.
  7. MegaZone

    Do They All Do This?

    Hello Fellow TC Owners, I have a ’15 LWB van that I bought back last May and it’s perfect for what I bought it for, namely hauling my Suzuki motorcycle to the track. My van does something on initial throttle tip-in that I’m wondering is normal or a problem. When pulling away from a stop it seems like the engine has to attain some revs, maybe 1200 RPM or so before the torque converter engages and the van starts to move. It’s easily modulated if I think about what I’m doing to make a smooth start but occasionally I just push the pedal and there’s a jolt as the vehicle starts to move. So my question is: Do they all do this? I’ve only driven one other TC and it was before I bought mine so, I don’t remember if the other one did it or not. My other thought is that the little 2.5 engine doesn’t have enough torque that low in it’s powerband so Ford had to set it up that way so it wouldn’t stall. If so I can live with it, but if not, I wouldn’t mind seeing if there is something that could be done. So again, my question is: “Do they all do that?”
  8. MegaZone

    What should I do?

    Big Change Folks. When I talked to my salesman last week I told him that even though I now had a build date I wasn't 100% sure I wanted to wait any longer, so I reduced my options list to "must haves" and told him to see what he could do about finding one locally that fit these specs. This past Monday afternoon (April 27) he calls me excitedly about the fact that over the weekend they received one at the dealership that will fit the bill and would I please come in and have a look. So I did and I'm very happy to say that I am now the owner of a new 2015 Transit Connect! I picked it up Tuesday night. It’s a white XLT and though it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, it’s still a very nice vehicle and I think I’ll be very satisfied. It was also $2000 cheaper to boot! Makes me wonder why I waited so long. P.S. There were these little stickers on the keys with the VIN# and a date. 11/28/14. So if this was the build date it took 5 months from that date in Spain to get to the dealership here in central Texas...
  9. MegaZone

    What should I do?

    Progress! After the disappointing phone call to Ford Customer Service I decided to try an e-mail connection and see if maybe I could get thru to someone different. It worked! The next morning I received an e-mail asking for my Order Number. I obliged and soon received another reply informing me that my problem (with reference #! ) had been kicked upstairs to the Customer Service Manager for this region of the country. The next morning I received a call from her with the news that I now have a VIN Number and an assembly date. I can’t help but think that the “squeaky wheel” method I used here put the onus on them to speed things up but at least I feel that it’s really going to happen now.
  10. MegaZone

    What should I do?

    UPDATE I called Ford Customer Service thinking that maybe they would have the resources (being corporate offices and all) to see if they could figure out why my TC hadn't even been built year after almost 6 months. All they did was call the dealership, call me back and say "Yes, it's not built yet and no we don''t know when it will be. Sorry." Yeah, they're sorry all right....
  11. I wish I could say my experience so far buying a Transit Connect has been a pleasant one but unfortunately that’s not the case. When I saw the new T/C in 2014 I felt it would suit my needs perfectly. I went to my local dealer and since this may be the only new car I ever buy, I decided to order it just exactly the way I wanted. I knew it would take a while to take delivery, but the way this has played out is totally disappointing. And it’s not so much the wait, it’s the sorry ass way I’ve been treated by the Ford dealer. The vehicle was ordered in October and I remember thinking that there was no way it’d be here before the first of the year, but sometime in January would be okay. The day I ordered it my salesman said as soon as the order was placed and accepted they’d have some kind of ball park figure for when it would be built, how soon it would get here, etc. I gave him a week, and I did not hear from him so I had called him for an update. Of course they didn’t know anything, but just as soon as they knew something, they would call me. Right. So I decided to just let it go for a while, a while in this case being almost two months. In the week between Christmas and New Year’s I e-mailed my salesman again, and he said he check on it. He should have been checking on it already! Anyway he e-mailed me back that he’d know something in the middle of January. Again I had to contact them mid-January and when they finally came back all that they could tell me was that the order had been accepted and my van was on the “Pending” list over in Spain, meaning pending to be built. Fine I thought, at least it’s close to being put together. So again I wait, this time almost two months. On March 6 I emailed my salesman and he says yes this has been ridiculously long and he’s taking this problem to my manager. Later that day he emails me that his manager put a call in to Ford but that they wouldn’t get back to them until Monday. You mean in this day of instant computer information they can’t even tell where a vehicle is in the process? Give me a break. My salesman thanks me for my patience and says he’ll get back to me on Monday. So now its next week. Monday comes no word. Tuesday comes, no word. Wednesday cones no word. You get the picture? Friday afternoon I’m just about to send another e-mail when behold I have a message from my ever so helpful salesman. He says: “Oops, the manager left before I could talk to him. I’ll talk to him tomorrow.” This was supposed to happen Monday not Friday. Guess what news I got Saturday? Zilch! So now I’m faced with this decision. Do I just cancel my order? Do I find another more caring Ford dealer? Should I just ask them to find a van already in the US that is close to what I want? I hate to start over but I can’t help but feel they would NOT be treating me this way if I was buying a Mustang. So how about it guys. What should I do?