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  1. Bikesnbreakdowns

    Operation Adventure Transit

    I just hooked a switch into the interior. The Transit has been doing well! It would be really difficult to lift. FSWORKSTRANSIT welded up a spacer to get a 2in lift. I haven't figured out another way to get the front end up yet
  2. Bikesnbreakdowns


    Yes! Want it!
  3. Bikesnbreakdowns

    Fuel Mileage Display

    Sticky this! Sticky This!
  4. Bikesnbreakdowns

    Operation Adventure Transit

    Primary Visions-there is a hookup so you can use the factory wheel controls. It works awesome! Old Country- PM'd You!
  5. Bikesnbreakdowns

    Operation Adventure Transit

    Look what came in the mail today....
  6. Bikesnbreakdowns

    Operation Adventure Transit

    Will, Your a gentlemen and a scholar. Make sure you post your build on here, I'm looking forward to see what a former Subie owner can do to transform one of these things!
  7. Bikesnbreakdowns

    larger tires to increase ground clearance

    Based on the revs per mile, my speedo / MPG should be about 5.9% off. As far as MPG goes 20mpg (21.2 corrected for tires) all city driving, lots of hills
  8. Bikesnbreakdowns

    Operation Adventure Transit

    I was able to get out of the office last weekend for a little camp trip down to South Carlsbad State Beach. It's nice to finally have a car with space! 2 surfboards 2 bikes and all my camp equiptment and firewood fit in no problem! I was even able to set up my hammock off one of the upper tow hooks and attach it to a tree for a nice relaxing sunset!
  9. Bikesnbreakdowns

    Wheelchair van anyone?

    Checking out each OEM's Mobility Programs would be a good place to start for anyone looking for a conversion. https://www.fordmobilitymotoring.com/reimbursement.mob http://www.toyotamobility.com/ http://automobiles.honda.com/information/mobility-assistance.aspx
  10. Bikesnbreakdowns

    Operation Adventure Transit

    Push Bar Installed! Thanks 103west43rd! http://www.svcustoms.com/i-6233118-aries-offroad-5tabb-aluminum-light-mounting-tab.html http://www.svcustoms.com/i-6303880-aries-offroad-1113001-push-bar.html
  11. Bikesnbreakdowns

    roll up awning

    The ARB awning is a lot cheaper, still requires a roof rack though http://store.arbusa.com/Search.aspx?k=awning
  12. Bikesnbreakdowns

    Transit Connect Lift

    It has definitely been a hassle thus far, but I think I'm almost there :banvictory: I just need to see now if its worth investing in the fixed costs to make a marketable part, or if I should just have a kit handmade for my self
  13. Bikesnbreakdowns

    Transit Connect Lift

    Pursuing my original goal of making the Transit Connect the ultimate vehicle for adventure I ran into a snag… The front end is just too low & there are no solutions on the market to lift the Transit Connect. After trying a number of options I think I have come up with a solution. However, making this part requires some custom CNC work and that isn’t cheap. I’d like to gauge interest on who is also thinking about lifting their transit. So, please help me out and complete this survey. With this preliminary research I will decide if a lift kit is worth creating and selling. Any comments below are always appreciated.
  14. Bikesnbreakdowns

    Poll Test

  15. Bikesnbreakdowns

    larger tires to increase ground clearance

    I just installed the Yokohama Geolanders in 205 70 R15, No rubbing and gained an inch of clearance in the front! Before shots: (Front) 7" clearance on front bumper 3.5" of fender / wheel gap After shots: (Tires) 8" clearance on front bumper ( +1") 2.75" of fender / wheel gap (-.5")