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  1. mike56

    Transmission fluid change

    UPDATE. Instead of disconnecting the hose at the bottom of the trans cooler It is much easier to go right to the transmission in front of the left front wheel. I do not have the tool to disconnect the hose so I just removed the nipple on the transmission with a 17mm wrench. I put the end of the removed nipple into a 3ft peice of heater hose. I took 3 milk jugs and marked them at 3 quarts. I started the engine and pumped out 3 quarts, then put 3 in,replaced the jug with another and repeated. I did this 3 times with 9qts of ford LV fluid. When done I put the nipple back into the transmission. I looks to be a fine thread so be carefull and mine is not leaking but I should have used locktight or rtv sealant. email me if I can help you do yours mgrant0606@aol.com The fluid was about $60 at a ford dealer.
  2. When I first got my transit the wipers were bad. I put on a new set of nothing special and they worked... I just changed them again to Bosch ICON....oh boy.....really nice does a great job....
  3. mike56

    Transmission fluid change

    The above note sounds easy but after finding the cooler it will have its issues. On the front of the vehicle to the right of the licence plate if you look throught the black cowel and up you will see the return of what I believe is the trans cooler. I think the best way to get to it would be to remove the black coweling and work from the front of the vehice....I will update when I do this. Dont hold your breath I will be waiting utill it gets warm.
  4. mike56

    What is it ? Ford part.

    I found my also in the driveway. I think I still have it but gluing on an elbow sounds better. thanks for the post
  5. mike56

    What is it ? Ford part.

    I found my also in the driveway. I think I still have it but gluing on an elbow sounds better. thanks for the post
  6. mike56

    Transmission fluid change

    2010 transit connect , unhook the lower hose on the trans cooler and attach a lenght of hose to it. place hose into a container.Start the engine and let idell and pump out 3 qts of fluid shut off engine. Measure it in the catch container.. then add 3 new qts to the trans. Then repeat this proccedure( pump out 3 and add 3) Then pump out 3...reattach the lower transmission fluid line to the cooler and add 3 more to the trans. use Mercon LV fluid.
  7. I tow a 900lb 8X10 enclosed cargo trailer. When I tow I do not use overdrive. I think the vehicle is rated for 3500
  8. mike56

    cabin air filter

    The cabin filter holder is under the passenger side black plastic that sits just at the bottom of the windsheild on the outside of the vehicle. about 8 screws hold it in place. In the filter holder is a peice of plastic that is of the same size as the filter and filled with square half inch holes.. That peice is removed and the filter is install in its place.
  9. I Found it!!!!....it is the hole in the corner brace from the fender to the front. It is an allen hole that when turned adjusts the up or down of the head light. I was not using a long enough tool and could not turn it. I was using one of those fold out allen sets...
  10. My headlights are pointed way too high. I cannot find the adjustment screws. I do see a hole in the corner brace. under it is a allen hole which when I turn it nothing happens. Know how to remove the headlight assembly buy how do you adjust it?? I will keep checking but please email if you can. mgrant0606@aol.com
  11. mike56

    Tire rotation

    where do you get a reset tool??? I have had my Transit for only a few weeks.
  12. mike56

    15K mile Maintenance

    thanks......i was thinking of that also.....thanks for the torque setting
  13. Thank you mine has 400 miles on it (I just got it) I will look at that and maybe move it or tape it up of some how sheild it
  14. mike56

    Rear door locking

    thank you me too