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  1. I can order you one. We are an Azure Electric Dealer. Final pricing has not bee determined as of yet but it will probably be in the mid-60's for price. You can contact me thru my website if interested. www.transitconnect.org
  2. Traditionally Transit Connects are a 4-5 month lead time.
  3. I would be happy to sell you an Electric TC. There are Federal Tax Credits and some states also have tax credit for buying however mmost private citizens probably woul dnot want to spend the money.
  4. isellford

    How to find out when Connect will arrive

    The only dealer that can look it up is the ordering dealer.
  5. Had my pushpins replaced yesterday. i sure feel a lot safer now! There are 2 other TSB's out there; one for rear brakes. At a slow speed some Connects make a clunking sound in rear brakes when applied. There are several repairs to solve witht he last one being to replace drums. Other is water leaking opnto pass front floor. I have this issue. Need tohave cabin air filter box re sealed; must be where H2O is coming in. Shoul dhave that done by weekend [takes a special caulk gun to applky the adhesive].
  6. Order bank is now open. Allow 4-5 months for a Factory order. We've already ordered our first 2011 allocation. I am sure a lot of dealers who have not figured out how to market and sell the TC will not be overly aggressive in ordering 2011's. That's fine with me as it has been a good vehicle for us.
  7. isellford


    I picked up one good chip which i had repaired right away. Almost 24,000 miles and a lot of freeway driving littered with debris. I think the angle of the window has helped a lot where small rocks kinda glance off rather than hit head on.
  8. isellford

    Hi From Texas!

    welcome and good luck!
  9. isellford

    TC Owner To Be Needs Help Please

    Check out my website for several resources. There is probably a distributor in your area for one of the many shelving interiors.
  10. I have my Parts Guy working on this as well. He found them in th system but is unable to order right now. He is going to periodically check asn as soon as they become available he will order me a set. I will keep everyone posted.
  11. isellford

    any ideas

    I just left mine off after many times replacing it.
  12. Unfortunately there are dealers like this in every market who run an absurd ad just to get someone in the door to talk to one of the clueless salespersons that happen to be on the floor that day. If a deal sounds too good to be true........... We all pay the same amount for the same vehicle; we all have the same rebates available; we all deal with the exact same amount of holdback. A dealership will not lose money to make a sale, period. If it looks like they are selling at an unbelievably low price, they will get you somewhere either in prep fee [b.S.]; lot fee [b.S.]; interest rate markup; high Doc fee; or some other manufactured fee to add profit to the vehicle [watch out for addendum window stickers for "Dealer Add Ons" like glass etching; tinted windows; paint protection, etc. These are typically marked up many times over. Find a dealer you trust, check out their service department and try tomake the whole process as stress free as possible. There are some very good dealers out there.
  13. MasterRack and Adrian both make a good commercial roof rack. Most areas have a body and equipment company that sells and installs them. Check their websites for distributors in your area. Also your dealer should be able to handle it for you. If you own a business, Ford will reimburse up to the 1st $200 of any upfit that you do.
  14. 0 percent has been available for several months.
  15. Don't know about Europe but Ford says that the benchmark for US was 150,000 miles without major problems.