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  1. jshelby861

    56,200 miles in the shop for 2 weeks!

    I was thinking it was the fuel also, (gas) and have tried 3 different tanks of fuel.it is has done both smuttering and missfire, strange part is, that it will clear up after a few minutes, and the code keeps coming up as p035 when they pull it, and even at the dealer they got it to missfire twice, they have replaced 1 coil and 1 spark plug, also they cleaned the carbon, as of yesterday they have replaced the ecm computer and some other parts, (they did not say yet) they never got back with me yesterday about how it ran on the test drive the tech took it on, I agree on the bad ground,that or something inside the engine could be bad also, thank God for the power train warranty! they trans has slipped a few times, but until they get the running problem fixed, there is no way to tell they say
  2. jshelby861

    56,200 miles in the shop for 2 weeks!

    my Transit started misfiring really bad 2 weeks ago,it was so bad that it would choke down when it misfired almost causing a wreck twice! the engine light came on, it started running better, then did started acting up again the next day, I took it to the Dealer on monday November 21st,and , they replaced the coil and spark plug on the first cylinder, after keeping it for almost 3 days, I picked it up on wednesday before Thanksgiving, I did not get out of town 10 miles before it started misfiring again!!, called the Dealer, they said bring it back in the Friday after Thanksgiving, it has been in the shop ever since that day!, they have replaced multiple parts and even have had Ford's "help desk" working on the problem, this is crazy! anyone else had a strange problem like this?
  3. jshelby861

    Possible first time owner

    I have had mine for a little over a year with 39650 miles on it, so far it has done good, have taken in on 4 1500 mile trips with no problems, it does make me tired to drive it for long periods (sore from the seat) i am a very heavy person and the front seat has broken twice due to the plastic pieces on it, over all it is a good vehicle, but not good for off road etc
  4. I paid $100 over invoice on my white xlt tc with no computer, if a dealer will not sell one for a good price, keep looking
  5. jshelby861


    the roads are very bad in the are i have been lately, not good at all!~
  6. have any of you had problems with rocks breaking your windshield? I had to replace mine 1 month after I purchased my TC now the new windshield is broken! this will make 3 windshields in 4 months wow! rocks love my tc wow!
  7. jshelby861

    Update on my TC

    first windshield replacement due to a huge rock hitting it at 4100 miles, low tire psi light stuck on dealer is unsure why, all tires are correct psi, drive belt is squeaking ever so lightly gas mileage is at 25mpg! I love the vehicle just wish i could get by these issues
  8. jshelby861


    What kind of oil is everyone using? and what interval are you servicing your T.C.
  9. jshelby861

    An Alarming Trend?

    I know i am going to beat on for telling what i paid, but mine is an xlt with the rear seat and the stability system,etc. and i bought an extended warranty (prob will get a refund on the extended warranty it was 2500) and my total was 26k with the warranty and gap insurance (will be getting a refund for the 750 it cost also) i know i did not get a very good deal, but i really wanted one and love the thing now that i have it!, I wish i had know about this board before i bought mine, I would have loved to buy one from ED
  10. jshelby861

    Hello From Tallassee Alabama

    Thanks! it is an amazing vehicle! does anyone know where to get the rubber mat for the rear cargo section?
  11. jshelby861

    I traded in my '06 Mustang for a Transit Connect!

    I traded in a 2006 Mercury Grand marquis LS for mine and I love the thing so far!
  12. jshelby861

    Hello From Tallassee Alabama

    Hello all! I just bought my transit xlt wagon white in color, Friday 2/26 and love it!