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  1. tone007

    Pads and Rotors at 22k Miles

    My pads were gone at 35K miles, rotors were still OK, I threw a $40 set of pads from Advanced Auto Parts on and we'll see how they last. 2010 TC here.
  2. 18"x8.5", handles very nicely.
  3. The 4 tools are what you need, I ended up pulling my headrests out and sticking the bars through the loops in the tools and going nuts on them, left, right, pulling and pushing. It eventually came out.
  4. tone007

    Accelerator lag

    Unfortunately, the TC having a Focus engine means it also shares some AC components with the Focus, the compressor being one of them. I don't even want to think about the square footage differences between the Focus' interior and the TC's. Sounds like patience is key to get cool in the TC.
  5. tone007

    Performance Upgrades ?

    I seriously doubt there's a combination of any little performance upgrades that'll make the Transit Connect happy with alot of hills, especially with any kind of load. You'll be running at 4000RPM+ all day. P.S., reading your post with its random unnecessary capitalizations has made me seasick.
  6. tone007

    Antenna replacement?

    I haven't, but I'd bet my antenna it works at least as well as the stubby one you put on.
  7. For dash trim removal, you first need to remove the stereo (using 4 euro-DIN style keys,) and then remove the bolts that were hiding behind the stereo's trim. At that point you just pull.
  8. 1Kg = 2.2lbs, so that means a kilogram is heavier than a pound (the equivalent of 2.20462262lbs, to be exact.) 2800Kg * 2.2 = 6160lbs. Either way, if you go by the European specs it should handle it, but if Ford US says no, it might not be in your best interest.
  9. tone007

    Antenna replacement?

    Solution: pair of wire clippers.
  10. tone007

    Tire rotation

    Maybe the set you got was left out in the sun too long, mine ride as smooth as silk (my opinion and also of a couple of other people who I let drive the van,) and the only noise I hear on the highway is wind.
  11. Doesn't look all that safe without a bulkhead between you and that head-height cargo...
  12. tone007

    Head unit upgrade!

    http://scosche.com/products/productID/1911 Just over $50 for the whole setup, the dash kit came with the tools required for stock system removal as well. The two "recommended" parts below the dash kit are correct and required.
  13. Not that the 6000CD was horrible (aux input was handy, and it sounded good with the Sony speakers I put in the doors,) but I figured I'd put something a little more interesting in. Pretty happy with it, dashboard came apart pretty easily to run the wires.
  14. tone007

    Removing manual window cranks

    Most manual window cars I've worked on use clips to secure the cranks, they're best removed with one of these: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/NEW-WINDOW-CRANK-DOOR-HANDLE-C-CLIP-REMOVAL-TRIM-TOOL_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem5883762b2dQQitemZ380162681645QQptZMotorsQ5fAutomotiveQ5fTools though you can sometimes manage it with other improvised tools.