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  1. tjump

    Illinois Tollway Transponders

    It will not affect it i have mine all the way at the top no problems
  2. tjump

    How to Remove window crank

    Hey they are just press fit on there just pull hard come right off!
  3. tjump

    door panel

    Hey guys decided that i really need to change the speakers out. I see all the screws on the sides of the doors but trying to figure out how to get window crank off. Can somebody please help THANKS
  4. thanks--- i found one earlier this week and got it ordered up. Right now stereo just kind of sitting in there cuz i don't want it to fall back in haha
  5. alrighty finally got the radio out now going on from this point. I didn't get a harness with the New stereo soooo does anybody know whats the colors are so i can just hard wire new one in or where i can get a wire harness that fits the transit ( place where i got new stereo didn't have the harness)
  6. okay radio out finally but now the place i got didn't have harness. I live in the US i was just gonna splice the wires but don't know the color code can anyone help me with this or should i just buy a harness and which one do i need to buy??
  7. so tried all that those two screws are behind radio and cannot get to them. Iam giving up company truck and now its a little scraped up boss probably gonna kill me Unless somebody knows a better way
  8. Alright so i ordered a JVC cd player just to get something a little better than what is in there. Came with the four DIN tools to get it out, put all four in all four snapped pulled and nothing doesn't go anywhere. Took it to Ford and they could only get 1 of them to dis-engag.. So i guess my question how do you take dash apart and sites or ways to start!?