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  1. vectorpickle

    New Wheels

    Mileage is seems about the same. They are quieter than the stock tires
  2. vectorpickle


  3. vectorpickle

    New Wheels

    Probably going to do a mild drop. Got the rear figured out, trying to figure out what Focus lowering spring will work for the front...
  4. vectorpickle

    New Wheels

    Put some 17" Focus wheels shod with Sumitomos, even have the Blue Oval center caps.
  5. vectorpickle

    Volvo Wheels

    Wheels look great. Thinking about going this route since I'll need new tires soon. What size and model are the Michelins?
  6. Does anybody know the part number for the plug that fills the euro brake light hole at the top of the Left rear door? It is shown on the parts diagram for the rear doors but there is no part number for it.
  7. Does anybody know how to remove the manual window cranks? I am doing a door speaker upgrade and can't figure out how to remove them.