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  1. I am surprised I haven't heard anything about the ride quality. Around a nice city street is great but on the hwy the ride is S. Also, Some form of insulation from road noise.- clients can't hear me when driving. (bluetooth becomes useless) clearance for chains. more power power points that are key'd with the ignition so we can leave our gps plugged in. a/c that turns off completely sun visor extension or option Better radio- hear this is coming? change side mirrors so they don't capture every single cars headlights at night! Flat fold down front seat with console on the back like some mini vans have. Otherwise - love it.
  2. Yep, I am getting ready for my 4th windshield in less than a year. These things are rock magnets! 20yrs of driving and I replace 2 windshields over all my vehicles which may be luck. However, 4 in a year is a little much I think. Must be a design issue.
  3. tc777

    Load Rated Snow Tires???

    Can anyone from Ford chime in here on the justification for not thinking about chains? Snow tires are great but if you have to go over a pass in the winter your screwed. Highway patrol check points can keep you off the road if you don't have chains. For passengers this may be great. But for the professionals that bought this for work it makes it tough.
  4. tc777


    I have had my TC less than a week and I already have 1440 miles on it. I drive a lot and most of it freeway. This thing is awesome except the engine is just too under powered. I think a 6cyl would serve it better. I drove over some moderate mountains and had it floored just to keep 50mph! (empty). I have a 2007 focus as well. Its peppy with 1-2 people. but 4 adults and it drags significantly. I think we are all just suffering from the early adopters consequence. Sounds like each year will get better and better. My vote would be: to have a 4cyl or 6cyl option with fords new eco-boost.
  5. Ok. , any tips on getting the fuse panel off without breaking it?
  6. Any suggestions on removing the dash trim and the windshield trim? I want to upgrade the tunes, hardwire the GPS and move the dang bluetooth mic down closer to me. pics would be awesome if anyone has them.
  7. tc777

    cb radio

    Anyone here have a CB radio installed in their TC? Any issues with it?
  8. I have seen some posts about people taking the seats in and out. I am wondering if anyone has tried putting a bulkhead in with the seats. Is this possible? I am also thinking of putting a bulk head right behind the rear seats incase I get the dejana katerack.
  9. tc777

    finally got one

    Hey everybody. Got my new TC today. Cant wait to start outfitting it. Looking fwd to seeing what everyone does with theirs.