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  1. Hey guys, so I've had my TC for about a year, and 24,000 miles later, my overall experience is not negative. Having said that, I do have a couple of complaints: tires and brakes. Tire noise is almost unbearable! Forget about using the bluetooth, no one will hear ya, and it also seems that air escapes easily, i need to keep on refilling them or the TPMS will light up, and I haven't even hit any potholes. Also the front brake pads had to be changed at 22,000 miles cause they were down to zero. I am extremely gentle on the brakes, so I was surprised they had to be changed so soon, I have another car with 70K original miles and I am still running on the original pads. Am I the only one with these issues?
  2. I wonder if it's not gonna happen, only because that would make the Transit a great all around cargo, and might take away from the F series customer base, but I'm just saying.
  3. I've never noticed the stream , i should. If that is the case, then I'd see why it's a problem.
  4. So now that I've become acquainted with my TC, I feel that some things could be improved, here are my thoughts: 1)The ignition key hole could be lighted, so at night it would be easiear to insert the key. The key is not too intuitive to begin with, so I always have to fiddle with it in the dark. 2) The rain gutter/railings on top of the roof ,should be flat at the rear of the vehicle, now it's raised up so water accumulates on the roof when it rains, since it cannot escape at the rear, so whenever I brake all the water comes gushing to the front windshield. 3) It would be nice to have a real coin holder, instead of those little 4 slots by the hand brake. 4) The exterior plastic/rubber trim on the car could be better quality. Even when I took delivery of the vehicle, the plastic seemed faded, could be the Hawaii sun, but that's way too soon to be happening. I had to buy 303 Aerospace to give it a more even look. These might be minor things, but I feel that if corrected, they could improve the overall quality of the car. Please feel free to agree or disagree, or if you have any other items that you would like to add.
  5. falciott

    Thump sound from the front

    That's interesting, I do have the AC on, but if indeed it is the AC, that'd be the first time I heard that type of noise when the compressor engages. It's actually hard to duplicate that noise, as it only happens sporadically.
  6. Hey everyone, I just got my TC about 3 weeks ago, XLT , Nokia bluetooth, remote start, back up sensors, the works...and so far I am pulling about 22 mpg mixed driving, and the car has 1600 miles . I really like this ugly little thing, but here is my question: has anyone ever heard a clunk/thump type of sound coming from the front? It has happened a few times recently, I drive the car, put it in park, hand brake engaged, shut off the engine, and when I come back after a few minutes, and I start it up, i hear a thump " almost as if someone kinda tapped the undercarriage with a baseball bat. The sound comes from the front, and only does it once, while it's still in park, no brakes applied or gas pedal. Usually it doesn't do it while cold, but after I've driven it, and parked for a few minutes. For the life of me, I can't figure out what it is, anyone out there with the perplexing issue as well?