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  1. Are you sure it's not leaking? Sometimes they leak only while the motor is running.
  2. Do you own a home? You can always borrow on that for most any purpose, (although I don;t think you can work the second mortgage scam any more.)
  3. My answer would be that it depends on how you plan to use it. If you plan only light loads, short trips, and are willing to baby it, I'd give it a try. On the other hand. if you will need it for heavy labor, or will be demanding high performance, I wouldn't take the chance. Thats just my guess, though.
  4. Willie

    What do you do when ...

    That's why I prefer to utilize a trusted independent mechanic to do all my work. I acknowledge that there are a few specialized jobs best done by the dealer, but these are rare. My mechanic is also a pal of mine. allows me to watch what he is doing and discusses the work with me. Dealers always seem to have a hidden agenda rather than being concerned with your problem. Last time I had a car at the dealers (not the TC) it was for a gas cap issue. They didn't fix that but the next week I found that a wheel had been over-tightened. It seems the dealer was more concerned with selling me brake pads than with fixing my actual problem. Of course, I was not permitted to watch, so I had no idea they even had a wheel off. I've heard all the arguments about protecting the warranty by having the dealer do all the service, but I am not convinced. My experience is that the warranty is worthless anyhow, unless the repair is large enough to permit the hiring of a lawyer to enforce it.
  5. Aye Capt, that looks the ticket!
  6. MY Bonnie fits nicely in my 2010, but that's the older style. I put it in myself by backing up against a bank and using a plank. Actually pretty easy if you can find the right spot. It would be more difficult on flat ground. .
  7. Omniphil: Can you get the bike inside the van? Or maybe that space is taken up by passengers or something else.
  8. Willie

    Door Panel Makeover

    Windguy: My other car is a Mazda MX5. It has a wonderful stereo, which since its a roadster, I never even turn on. Meantime, my Transcom. where I'd like to listen, has this tinny radio! Life is so unfair!!
  9. I'd buy one off the lot. How different can it be from what you ordered?
  10. Willie

    Replacement Wheel Covers

    Hey, its impossible to see both sides at once, right?!!
  11. Willie

    Continental Tire life

    Actually, my Ford dealer had some very good prices on new Contis. That was year ago though, and I wanted to try a different brand. Worth checking into.
  12. Willie

    New USPS Mail Truck - TC?

    Yeah. Seems like a natural.
  13. Willie

    Camper Conversion 6"2"

    Its not appearance that bothers me. Its cutting a hole in the roof. My experience with such roof vents is that they may be fine for a long time, but will eventually develop leaks. I'd do it on an old beater van, but not on my comparatively new TC. Another factor is the corrugated roof. I suspect, this will complicate the sealing of any roof opening. My preference would be if someone made a replacement back window with a flip-open feature. Of course it would probably cost a small fortune even if available.