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  1. grahamgrocho

    Fitting Motorcycle in Wagon version

    Thanks, but I think we're going to go with a rental Chevy Express cargo van instead for this trip. There are just too many what-ifs involved with the TC wagon rental that the dealer can't seem to answer for me. At least I know the bike will fit inside of the Chevy Express, though tie-downs will probably need to be created. The TC wagon would have much better gas mileage for this ~2200 mile trip (Chicago to Orland and back again), and probably be a bit more comfy, but the dealer can't seem to verify the year of the TC model, etc etc. Pain in the butt and the dealer is 75 miles from here and I don't have time to go check it out myself (wish the dealer would please do some leg work for me, but I guess not!). Thanks for all the tips anyway.
  2. grahamgrocho

    Fitting Motorcycle in Wagon version

    Soon renting a 2013 or 2014 TC (wagon) with rows of seats in the back. I'd like to use it to pick up and haul a motorcycle. Anyone know if: - Wagon version has the tie down hooks as seen on the floor of the van cargo version? - Are the wagon version door and cargo area dimensions the same as seen on the cargo van version?
  3. grahamgrocho

    Hauling motorcycle in Wagon version; tie-downs?

    Even with the seats inside/wagon version? I'm not sure which year but I'll find out.
  4. So I'd like to rent a Transit Connect from Chicago to Florida to pick up a motorcycle a family member is selling to me. I called a local dealership (I called many, really, but only ONE would rent to the general public) and they said they had a Transit Connect for me! Score! But... I found out they only rent the "Wagon" version with the seats in the back. Can anyone confirm if that version has the same 6 tie-down hooks/D-rings like the Transit Connect cargo van version does? Maybe I need to take out the seats? If there are not any tie-down hooks, are there any good tie-downs to utilize? I'm assuming the rear door height is the same on both versions (wagon vs. van). I asked the service dept rep at the dealership to confirm for me, but he didn't know the answer and said the rental wagon wasn't on-site at the moment so he couldn't check.