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  1. The kit is - HID Xenon Headlight "Slim" Conversion Kit by SDX, H13 Dual-Beam Bi-Xenon, 5000K. Still no problems.
  2. No one has flashed their brights at me. These are low beam pics. High beams are unbelievable.
  3. Just installed a HID kit. Haven"t driven with them yet, but while I was installing I had one on the drivers side and the stock one on the passenger side and the difference was huge.The kit was easy to install. Even with the sometimes odd translations in the manual. Heres one. Please fix the stabitity instrument tightly with double-sided tape and make sure both ends are firm. The only mod is to the round cover on the back of the headlight casing. You have to drill a 1+1/8 hole in them to feed the connectors through. I used silicone to glue a piece of bicycle tube over the hole when I was done. Probably wasn't necessary. The cover wasnt weather tight to begin with. When I get a chance I'll let you know what they are like on the road or if I have any problems. I took a short video on the way to work last week so I could compare the lights, but It will be a couple of weeks before I'm back on dayshift.When I get the second video I will attempt to post them. The kit is - HID Xenon Headlight "Slim" Conversion Kit by SDX, H13 Dual-Beam Bi-Xenon, 5000K
  4. brueg

    ActiveIndy checking in!

    Not enough posts to send a you a message. Sorry it took so long for me to answer. Yes, I used a little clear silicone to hold the center caps.
  5. brueg

    Vents above rear doors

    Vents above rear doors. Anyone know what these vents are for? They appear to be for the area between the head liner and roof.
  6. brueg

    Bicycle transit

    Set up for carrying my road and mountain bike or the wife's road bike. Have not had to drill any holes .Except one for the reverse camera. If I remove the two tie down bolts in back the whole thing slides out. So I can still use it for hauling whatever.
  7. brueg

    TPMS Sensors

    Just used the ownwrs manual method to reset all my tires to 36. Since all 3 of bikes and all my gear doesn't weight 100 lbs, Ride is a little better. Pressure alarm came back. Sucks running so much pressure in the rear tires.
  8. brueg

    What is it ? Ford part.

    Called their parts dept. Its a heater plenum drain. It appears to connect externally just below where the A/C lines go thru the firewall . I wonder how many have lost theirs. If mine hadn't fell off in my driveway I would have never known. Anyway I'll let the dealership replace it after my vacation. If one of you is under your transit changing oil or something would you take a pic and post it. These pics show where I think it should be.
  9. brueg

    What is it ? Ford part.

    No this just happened a couple of days ago on my 2010. Still no word from the dealership.
  10. brueg

    What is it ? Ford part.

    I've sent the same pics to my dealer. I'll bet they don't know what it is. Pay no attention to the date on the pics. I hardly use my digital camera anymore.
  11. brueg

    banging back end

    I have the XLT cargo version and have heard the same sound. With mine I've found I can drive the same bumpy road later and not hear it.
  12. My wife found this on the ground after I went to work. Near the drivers side door. Its about 2 inches long.
  13. brueg

    Audio options ?

    I found a wire with a with a little 2 connection plug on it behind the right taillight. I have an XLT cargo version and wonder what this is or was used for. I also would like to thank Tugrik for his instructions. Made the installation go much quicker and easier.