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  1. Same situation here, drivers door actuator very loud buzz lasts about 2 seconds....sure it is actuator and was going to try and take it out to clean it but CANNOT get the key lock tumbler from outside to disengage with the interior component....sure this has to happen to pull the actuator.....Irony, just a couple days after I pulled the panel the electric window regulator went out....thought about the repair kit because it's fairly cheap and I didn't need the motor, but bought the whole regulator and installed it, was very easy. But while I have the panel pulled I want to address the actuator buzz. Appreciate the feedback.
  2. roadready

    2010 stock audio

    no the display stays lit up just the volume goes away
  3. roadready

    Front Wheel Bearings

    mine was in a flood and wish there was some way to grease as a preventative measure...worth asking, anyone know?
  4. roadready

    2010 stock audio

    have a 2010 stock audio....does anyone know if these have an amplifier separate from the actual stock stereo and if so where the location is.....I hit a bump and stereo goes off and another bump and back on.....but off more than on....think an amplifier connection is loose, checked back of stereo tie in multi cable and that wasn't it.
  5. roadready

    Transmission fluid change

    Thanks cruisinkruty, I think I was more dreading carving out the time but read your post and decided what the heck....bought the kit/Oreilly's $31 for the supposedly upgrade filter. Anyway there wasn't anything to it. I'm going to change it again very soon as I just bought this used vehicle as a flood damage and it definitely had water in the tranny..and pretty sure salt water at that....I have had good luck w flood vehicles in the past (new it was to good to last) and I may have met my waterloo on this one.
  6. roadready

    Flood - Traction Control Light On

    Codes from O'Reilly's were : pin point test K DTC's: C0061:28,54; C0062:28,54; C0063:28; C0064:28 test O DTC's: U2101:00 test N DTC's: U3003; 16, 17 and 62 Appreciate all the brainiacs input!! Thank you all!!
  7. roadready

    Flood - Traction Control Light On

    as in a scan from O'Reilly's or some auto store? Did that, they gave me a list of codes, and ironically, none of them pointed to the airbag module....did point to ABS though...maybe it is the other way around, ABS sensor driving airbag light to flash??
  8. Just bought a flood 2010 TConnect. Traction control light is on and being in TX afraid this will cause it to not pass inspection. Anyone know what the remedy/sensor is that might need replacing. Recently read an interesting on line article about a bearing/magnetized sensor in the wheel that kept the light on until it was changed out. Oh and yes, I am going to have to change out the airbag module near the transmission gear shifter - I mention this because the way things are interconnected it would not surprise me with the airbag light constantly flashing if this is triggering/confusing the traction control....maybe I should change the airbag module first and then address the traction control. Any feedback greatly appreciated.