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  1. Texasupton

    a few dimentions

    Thank you. Nice photos. I have a few ideas about sleeping/camping arrangements. Went over to the dealer the other day and checked things out and took a few measurements. I m 6'3" and I cant believe how much headroom there is in the front seat. The overhead storage even clears my head. What does bother me is how low these are to the ground without any real way to raise them. I don't need a rock crawler, but dang it looks like they drag on speedbumps.
  2. Texasupton

    a few dimentions

    Yes I am planning a camper van setup
  3. I just went and shopped a LWB and man they are low. Isnt there something that would give an inch or 2?
  4. Texasupton

    a few dimentions

    I am new here, and dont have a TC yet, so bear with my questions 1. With the 3rd row seats removed in a LWB, and the 2nd row seats folded, how long is the floor from the back door, to the edge of where the 2nd row is folded? In other words, how long of a piece of plywood could I put in, with it laying completely flat on the floor? 2. How tall/high is the 2nd row seat when folded? Looks like about 6"? 3. How wide is each of the 60/40 seat backs on the 2nd row? 4. If I have 2nd row bucket seats, and I remove 1 of them, how much width will I have between the remaining seat and the far sliding door? Thank you