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  1. Any updates from anyone if there is a suspension or body lift for the 2017 TC? Obviously for the full size it is an option but not finding anything for the TC. I did email Foes Fabrications: http://transitoffroad.foesracing.com/ As they are in the bike industry (so am I) about a TC lift and they said nothing yet but they had a little other interest....I am sure if the rest of us emailed them with interest they would look into it. Might help with a little push for demand. Thanks!
  2. Just starting my conversion and yours has my attention with some slight mods for my bikes (have the same T2 on the back etc). What tool did you use to punch those holes so clean? thinking of using the seat mount bolts to bolt the floor down and possible the bed to floordown. Just curious since they are such perfect holes. Thanks!