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  1. Beta Don


    That's a really outdated (and incorrect) Wiki article - It says TC's are exported from Turkey (and even names the shipping company) but all Gen 2's were made and exported from Spain. The Fed cracked down on Ford's evasive tactics for getting around the 'Chicken Tax' in 2013 and I don't believe any Gen 2 cargo version TC's have been imported as passenger vans and then stripped, as they were doing earlier If anyone finds OEM seat mounting points in any 2014 or newer cargo TC, please report here, with some pictures Don
  2. Thank you 150, for another one of your posts which takes up several FEET of my computer screen - I'm sure he's interested in ALL of those examples Golly, I'm glad I don't live on the West Coast - Prices there are a bit ridiculous!! For comparison, I bought our 2014 TC from a dealer in Georgia almost 3 years ago with 12,000 miles on it and paid $15K. It's an XLT with leather and had never been sold. Sat on the dealers lot for more than a year and then they titled it and used it as a dealer loaner vehicle for a year, so when I bought it, it still had 2 years of the 3 year, 36K warranty remaining How many miles are too many? That really depends on how it was used and serviced. There have been Gen 2 transmission failures on vehicles well short of 100K miles . . . . which has caused many of us to begin servicing our 'lifetime' transmissions early on - A fluid change every 25K or so I know I wouldn't be interested in one with 160K on the clock and especially NOT at $10K - I much prefer to buy really low mileage vehicles for $10K off the sticker price and let someone else eat the depreciation, while I put on most of the miles Don
  3. Pour lukewarm water on your car when it's 20 below outside - THAT should be fun to watch!! Forget about going ANYWHERE that day! Don
  4. Your 'politics argument' would mean that it would be much cheaper to build them here, rather than import them and have to pay the 25% tax on the imports The Chicken Tax never applied to passenger VW buses, or any other passenger based vehicles for that matter - It originated specifically when VW started making a pick-up version of their van for business use and the tax only applied to 'commercial use' vehicles, like small trucks and vans aimed at small business owners Don
  5. Beta Don

    Disappearing wheel covers (??????)

    There's a thread in the Wheels & Tires forum titled 'Fusion Wheels' with pictures of some vans with wheels from other Ford products. There's a picture there of my 2014 with the Ford Focus wheels I bought on eBay to replace my steelies Don
  6. Gee, I never looked at it like me changing my own oil was saving college girls their dignity - See what you learn from helpful forums like this one!! Don
  7. Beta Don

    3 front seats

    The OEM rear bench seat in my '14 TC seats three and the center seat belt (including the shoulder belt) is built into the seat - When I remove the seat, the belts come out with it Don
  8. Beta Don

    Paint flaking off

    If it's a white TC, it's actually pretty common - Google 'Ford White Paint Flaking Off" and you can read for a week! Don
  9. Beta Don

    Gen 2 Steelies

    Those are a real improvement over the el cheapo plastic wheelcovers! Congratulations!! Don
  10. Is one of the bulbs shorted? Sometimes when a bulb blows out you'll get a short. Replacing the bulb solves the problem. Remove the headlight bulbs and check them both with an ohm meter to see if you have a shorted one. While you have the bulbs out, replace the fuse and see if it blows again Don
  11. My Rhinos are yellow plastic, very solid and rated at 12,000 pounds. I've had 3/4 ton diesel trucks on them several times, so the TC is no load at all for them. They still look near new after more than 20 years Those wooden ones look very solid too, but my Rhinos lift the vehicle several inches higher than those do Don
  12. I also use a pair of yellow Rhino Ramps that I bought about 20 years ago. I store them hanging from two nails driven in the wall of my garage, but if you don't have a garage, they would store just as easily hanging from nails in the back of a closet, out of sight. They don't weigh much and take up very little room. They've been used with everything I drive for a long time and are easily worth 10X what I paid for them. For servicing the trans, I drive up on the ramps and then raise the rear up to an equal height using a jack and jack stands. While I don't LIKE getting under cars any more at my age, I just don't trust anyone else. My daughter bought a new Hyundai which came with free oil changes for two years and the dealer left the oil fill cap off and by the time she got home she had a huge cloud of smoke everywhere. They flat bed towed it back to the dealer where it took them 3 days to clean up the mess! At least she got a loaner car to use We bought our '14 used with 13K on it and 2 years of factory warranty remaining. When we got it, the passenger window would only roll up or down about an inch and a half with every press of the switch and then it would stop and you'd have to press the switch again. 5 or 6 presses of the switch to roll it up or down. Also, the rear wiper didn't work. Took it to the dealer and they had it for 8 days. Ordered a new motor for the window and had to wait for that to be delivered and then installed . . . . and when that didn't fix it, (same exact symptoms) they decided maybe they better read the book. All it needed to fix the window issue was a 5 minute reprogram of the computer. The rear wiper was just a fuse. When I finally got it back, the bill was $99. - That was for changing the fuse, as fuses aren't covered by the warranty. "$99 to change a fuse seems kinda steep" I complained. "Well, we have to troubleshoot it to find WHY the fuse blew". the service manager tells me. "Well, what did your troubleshooting tell you about why it blew?" - "We don't know - We replaced the fuse and it didn't blow again". When I pointed out to him that they had offered me a loaner vehicle for what turned out to be 8 days because their troubleshooting of the window wasn't done any differently than the fuse, but I told them I had another vehicle to drive, they agreed to drop the $99 charge I've never been back there - They proved to me that if I want to drive a trouble-free vehicle, I need to keep it out of their garage!! So, I dusted off my Rhino Ramps and am STILL doing my own maintenance. Thankfully with all synthetic fluids, the 'TC doesn't require me to get under it all that often and since we rarely drive it locally (we have 3 electric cars) it doesn't get many miles unless we are traveling out of state Don
  13. I have the XLT leather equipped passenger version and mine sure doesn't ride like a Soap Box Derby racer - It's a modified car platform and while it is stiff (which I love, coming from a Miata which is much stiffer) it handles more like a car than a van, which I also love I'm 70+ and had planned to have the dealer do all my service work when I bought it, but neither of the dealers near me proved to be worthy of doing anything to my van, so I've been doing it all myself - It's not THAT hard. I wish the trans was easier to service, but I've even managed to do my own fluid changes to it - Oil changes are no harder than any other car I've owned No rattles in my doors, but if I had one, I'm sure I could find it and fix it myself - I've had the doors of everything I've owned apart to upgrade speakers and this van is no harder to take apart than any of the others. Sounds to me as your dealers mechanics are just about as competent to fix things as the ones I've dealt with From my experience, passenger TC's are much quieter inside than cargo versions - I would be amazed if they weren't. It may not tip the scales as 'luxurious' but my wife likes traveling long distances in it (which is what we bought it for) and she sure wouldn't describe it as 'commercial breeding' - Ours is a van and not a truck No vehicle is perfect in every regard . . . . but with all the plusses you list, it seems this one serves you better than most for what you need - I would get to work on your list of minuses and do what's reasonably easy to fix most of those. Taking the splash pan off below the engine to do an oil change is a 2 or 3 minute job and then there's easy access to everything. If a feeble old man like me can do it, so can you! Don
  14. Some of the replies here are from owners who don't own (and have probably never driven) the Titanium version of the TC, which is better insulated and MUCH quieter than the 'work vans' they have - Go drive a newer Titanium for yourself and see If the 'accountants math' doesn't add up for your wife . . . . well, she probably deserves to own a Pacifica 🙄 Don
  15. Beta Don

    Help me decide

    What did you buy?? Gen1 or Gen2?? What year?? Don