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  1. Beta Don

    Taxi Driver

    A Mustang II and then a Le Car??? Gotta blame that on something I suppose . . . . Jimmy Carter s as good as any I guess, but I'll BET he's never driven either, let alone bought one!! Don
  2. I think "SWMBO" is short for She Who Must Be Obeyed Gas here s now $1.95 a gallon while diesel is $2.69 - Even if the diesel gets much better mileage, it's still gonna cost more to operate at those prices Don
  3. Beta Don

    GEN2 Transmission Out

    You need to have the engine and trans (and fluid) warmed up and in Park, the engine running and the van level front to back and side to side and then you remove the plug and begin adding fluid. When it begins to trickle out, replace the plug and the level is correct Don
  4. Beta Don

    GEN2 Transmission Out

    There is a way to fill it and there is also a way to check the fluid level - Ford just wants you to let the dealer do it for a couple hundred bucks, but the owner can do it too. I did mine at 25K and will continue to service it at regular intervals. I would probably let my local Ford dealer do it too, but both of them have proven that they're not to be trusted touching my van Don
  5. Beta Don

    GEN2 Transmission Out

    That depends - If you think the Gen 2 trans is a 'lifetime, maintenance-free' thing as Ford advertises, then you may find it's 'lifetime' is less than 100K. But, if you drain and refill all the fluid in it (not easy to do, I'll admit) every 25K or so with a quality synthetic ATF, I'm thinking (hoping, really) it may last several times that long. Nothing lasts forever, but well maintained things tend to last longer than others. It is a shame Ford made it so hard to service - No dipstick and not even a fill port to add fluid, but a determined owner can find work arounds for those omissions Don
  6. Beta Don

    18mpg on a 50K 2014 XLT?

    After 25,000 miles with my 2014 SWB 2.5, my lifetime mpg is higher than that. I think the driver has more to do with it than the van Don
  7. No way I'll ever get to 150K with my 2014 - I'm at 25K now and am averaging about 5K per year Don
  8. Beta Don

    Loading ramp questions??

    Transit or Transit Connect? Don
  9. Beta Don

    Help me decide

    Not true for the Gen 2's with short wheelbase - The rear 60/40 bench seats in my 2014 are quickly and easily removable without using any tools Don
  10. Beta Don

    Help me decide

    That still wouldn't get you the rear windows. I hear you - I don't think I've ever run across a Gen 1 passenger model What's the thinking that makes you want a Gen 1 over a Gen 2 true passenger van? The Gen 2 is a superior vehicle all around with the 6 speed auto, better gas mileage, much better suspension (you won't be regularly replacing wheel bearings) disc brakes on all 4 wheels and used passenger models are fairly plentiful. I wanted the short wheelbase passenger model and they are a bit harder to find - It seems most passenger models were long wheelbase with seating for 7, which I didn't need - But the SWB models ARE out there is you hunt long enough After a few months of research and looking at what's out there, we confined our search to only 2014's and newer models Don
  11. Beta Don

    New guy looking for ideas on rear seating

    If you could see the rear bench set-up in the Gen 2 SWB TC's, you would be green with envy - Why they never offered this in the long wheelbase version, I'll never know because it's the cat's meow of removable seating systems. My van has a 60/40 split rear bench and the seat backs fold flat with the tug on a lanyard and then with the tug on a second one, they flip vertically to stow just touching the backs of the front buckets. Need even more room? Flip a pair of levers and you can lift either the 60 side or the 40 side completely out of the van. When you take both of them out, you essentially have a cargo van . . . . but only with a short wheelbase. It takes less than 5 minutes to take both out and you don't need any tools. Takes a couple minutes longer than that to put them back in . . . . and the 60 side is pretty darned heavy - It contains both halves of the center seatbelt built into the seat I think you could probably find a rear bench seat from an older van which mounts with 4 or 6 bolts through the floor pan and adapt that to your cargo van easily enough by drilling a few holes. You would need to get the seatbelts as well Don
  12. Beta Don

    Performance Chip

    If there is a meaningful improvement in both horsepower and fuel economy just by changing a $5 computer chip, shame, shame on the idiot engineers who designed your car!! With all the extra money they spent on induction and exhaust systems to get the power and economy the car came with, how in the world did they miss out on the "tremendous" improvement they could have had with just a $5 chip?? - Actually, once the tuning on the chip is designed by the engineers, it's probably closer to a $2 chip! There's really nothing left to gain there, which is probably why sales of such things dried up and you can't find them anymore Really? Even J C Whitney doesn't sell one? I remember the days when spending $20 each on ten different gadgets which each gave you a 10% gain in power and fuel economy would have you with a car which had double the power and twice the fuel economy!! If J C Whitney doesn't sell them anymore, they must not exist 😉 Don
  13. You've certainly replaced all the expensive parts. Since the only code you have involves the brakes, why not try a new pair of rotors up front? Cheap and quick enough to do with some rotors from Rock Auto Don
  14. Beta Don

    Engine Swap

    . . . . and it will do so at about half throttle! - If you're in a hurry from a standing stop, you've got to be reaaaallllly careful!! Don