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  1. Yes, the same airbag fits both wheels. Since you already have audio controls, you already have all the switches possible - The new leather wrapped wheel will be the same, electrically - Everything you have now should be the same with the new wheel, nothing added Don
  2. Beta Don

    Fifty150's Truck

    just what everyone needs - A truck where you have to carry around a stepladder to get into and out of it. Very practical There ought to be a law where bumpers must match up, at least somewhat, rather than a bumper that takes out the windshield on a normal car when they collide Don
  3. Beta Don

    Aftermarket Transmission Cooler

    Keep in mind that there are other (IMO better, certainly cheaper) ATF fluids than Ford Mercon you can use which don't immediately turn black - The Mercon I removed at 25,000 miles was a pretty normal color, definitely not black. I would be more than a bit worried if my trans dump was the color shown in the pictures . . . . and I would change it more often that however many miles it took for it to get THAT color I used Castrol Transmax Full Synthetic and I paid $5 a quart for it with free shipping from Advance Auto Parts. I bought 16 quarts the first time and then 12 more to have for future changes while it was on sale for $5. There are half a dozen different Transmax fluids, but if you buy the one that says "Ford Approved for Marcon LV applications" on the label, you've got the correct one. Mercon LV is waaaaay overpriced for what it is, IMO, but I'm sure Ford appreciates you donating your $$$ Adding a trans cooler to a Gen 2 TC would not be an easy project and would be of little benefit (IMO) unless you're regularly towing heavy loads in hot climates. Regular fluid changes would be a bigger bang for your buck to keep your trans in good condition, again, IMO Don
  4. Beta Don

    Aftermarket Transmission Cooler

    You didn't mention how many miles are on your van, but if your ATF was 'jet black' some damage may have already been done. If the change was only 3 or 4 quarts, it may still be pretty close to black next time too - It holds about 8 quarts, but more than half of it is trapped in the torque converter, so the only way to get all the old stuff out is with multiple changes, running the engine in between changes. I used 16 quarts to do mine the first time I changed it . . . . at 25,000 miles Ford says the OEM fluid is supposed to last 150,000 miles, but many transmissions are shot long before then, so regular changes at least every 50K or so would be a very good idea. Your trans may perform fine with all new fluid once you get the level set correctly, which is no easy procedure either, thanks to Ford opting not to give us a dipstick. Most of what you need to know for a DIY fluid change is covered here in other threads. Good luck and hope it all works out! Don
  5. Beta Don

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    My TC is a 2014. The correct part number for both 2014 and 2015 is DT-1T-10849-Uxx - The characters after the 'U' can be any letter. Mine was UCC. For a 2016, the 'D' at the beginning will be an 'F'. There are dozens of Gen 2 IPC's for sale all over the place, but the one you want is fairly scarce. That said, if you keep searching, you'll find one and good chance the seller won't know it's anything special. I paid $75 with free shipping while many on eBay are asking $50 more for the one with the tiny green screen Actually, Don found this one for me on eBay after I searched unsuccessfully - The seller had misspelled Transit Connect, so it didn't show in my search. I ordered another one earlier based solely on the part number from LKQ, but when it arrived, the tag on it had a correct part number, but the IPC itself was the same one already in my van. Look at the photos when you're shopping! You can see the chrome trim on the unit and also the larger screen clearly in any photo. The LKQ one I ordered showed only a generic IPC photo, which wasn't from a TC at all Good luck! - Well worth the time and trouble, IMO Don
  6. Beta Don

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    Well, I haven't quite done 20 mods yet, but this one is easily the very best thing I've done so far! The new color digital screen is about twice as large as the old one if you measure it - It's lots wider and taller too, and MUCH more readable. As Don mentioned, it shows data that I didn't know was available before, but the BIG difference (for me) is how much easier it is to read your speed . . . . and like he said, I'll pat myself on the back every time I drive it from now on Kudos to Don for all the work he's done on this mod and all the other cool things he's done with his van and posted here too - I did the inverter installation using his tips too. I really didn't think I'd be capable of doing this one by myself, what with reprogramming with Forescan and all, but this is truly a 'plug and play' mod - Remove the old IPC, plug in the new one and everything works! - No programming needed at all Big thank you to Don! Don
  7. Beta Don

    Crackly Hose

    Probably the most important thing to check before taking a trip is your tire pressure - All tires lose pressure over time and if you haven't checked them lately, it's very likely they are too low. The sticker on your drivers door jamb will tell you what the pressure should be. For a long trip on the freeway, I usually add 2 or 3 psi to the numbers listed there Don
  8. Beta Don

    Crackly Hose

    Nothing to worry about. That's not a hose . It's a plastic cover for electrical wires. They make that crackly noise when they're brand new. Have a safe trip to California! Don
  9. Beta Don

    2014+ TC Manual Conversion

    Good luck with that! There are plenty of very potent Mustangs out there and they're all rear wheel drive - If you had 400 HP in a TC you'd still be no match for most of them from a standing stop. The guy in the Mustang might be surprised by your cloud of tire smoke in his rear view mirror 😋 Don
  10. Beta Don


    Thanks for posting, Fifty. It does look like their version of 12,000 pound capacity is . . . . one end of a 12,000 pound vehicle. Pretty loose interpretation of the English language, IMO At any rate, whatcha got that weighs in at more than 12K? Don
  11. Beta Don


    Please quote a source for your 'understanding' Why would something sold only in pairs have an actual weight rating of only half what's stamped on the product? It's my 'understanding' that each ramp will safely support 6,000 pounds, 12,000 for the pair because . . . . that's what's stamped on them Don
  12. Beta Don

    Ground Clearance

    Altering the tire sizes by any appreciable amount screws up so many things and the gain is so small, it's just not worth it. The transmission shift points are computer generated and depend on the tires being the OEM size. You can make minor programming changes for other size tires, but only for a few sizes very close to the factory size tires Considering the low ground clearance of the factory air dam, if I was looking to buy a vehicle for off-road camping, I would be looking at something else - Maybe a Transit instead of a Transit connect. Modifying the suspension of a TRansit for added ground clearance would be much easier than with a TC Don
  13. Beta Don


    Mine are the 12K version I honestly can't think of anything that would fit on them that would harm them, weightwise. Dually tires are too wide and what can you think of that has more than 6 tons of weight on one axle?? Maybe a back-hoe or a Caterpillar Bulldozer?? Don
  14. Beta Don


    Rhino Ramps are the answer - I've been using a set now for more than 20 years on half a dozen different cars. They worked well even on my Miata with the front chin spoiler. They fit the TC's air dam no problem. Well worth the cost Don
  15. Ford Transit vans are the larger, rear wheel drive variety, most with V-6's or V-8's and they have their own forum This forum is for the Transit Connect variety, which are more 'car like' and are 4 cylinder, front wheel drive. If you're looking at Transit Connects, they come in either a short wheelbase, about the size of a car, but they only seat 5, with rear seats that both fold flat and then store vertically behind the front buckets, or the rear seats can be quickly and easily removed. The other option is the long wheelbase, which is about 18" longer and seats 7 with folding rear seats which don't come out. Going from a Honda Fit to a LWB van will be quite a transition - I would suggest you drive both a LWB and a SWB version to see what best suits your needs . . . . or, maybe you are looking at Ford Transits, in which case you'll need to consult their forum for advice Don