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  1. Beta Don

    Wheel Size Question

    In parts of Europe, it's actually against the law - You didn't see that, at least not when I was there When I was stationed in Germany, I had a 240Z with the optional dealer installed alloy wheels, fitted with the OEM size tires. For the very strict German TUV inspection, they stand a straight edge vertically against the tire, touching the tire at the bottom and the top - If that straight edge fails to also touch the fender, you're not legal and you fail the inspection. Never mind the fact that the car isn't modified in any way and the tires fit completely inside the fenders when the suspension is completely compressed . . . . you still fail and you can't drive the car on the road. I was there for 3 years and every year come inspection time, I had to go swap wheels/tires with a buddy to go get my inspection done and them come home and swap tires back again Don
  2. Beta Don

    2012 Ford Transit Van

    Don't be misled by the Gen 2 pictures - This C&D article is dated September, 2013 https://www.caranddriver.com/news/feds-watching-fords-run-around-on-chicken-tax-riles-customs-officials If you Google 'Chicken Tax' and read about it, they say Ford got away with it on their Gen 1 TC's - The above article confirms that Don
  3. Beta Don

    2012 Ford Transit Van

    Ford dodged the 'Chicken Tax' on imported work vans up until about 2013 when the US government got wise to what they were doing (importing passenger vans and stripping them) and began taxing them anyway - Since then, there's been no reason to do so. I seriously doubt any Gen2's were imported and stripped, but the rumor persists . . . . It does make a nice 'story' Don
  4. Beta Don

    Replacing tires 2016 TC

    That's because you live in California - For the cost of enough ground for you to put up a carport, I can buy 5 acres here 😜 Don
  5. Beta Don

    Replacing tires 2016 TC

    For many years I’ve bought tires online usually because they were not available locally. I’ve used a couple of local shops which do good work who mount the tires for me. Before they were a big name I ran Yohahama ultra performance tires on my BMW. Never had a problem. I’m picky about tires and brakes as they help avoid accidents. I agree 100%. I never buy cheap tires and always try to use OEM or better quality. No matter what you pay for them, tires are cheaper than fenders and the difference between hydroplaning into a ditch at high speed is often just a matter of how great (or not) your tires are. I never run them very close to the wear bars either for the same reason I usually buy from Tire Rack or Amazon and I have a local shop install them - Sometimes, the total cost is about the same in the end as having a dealer install whatever el-cheapo tires he's promoting at the moment Don
  6. Beta Don

    Mike Chell's Soapbox

    Sure he did . . . . but Florida has this law that protects him, so he doesn't have to think about it - All he must do is say "I felt my life was in danger" and then he can LEGALLY kill the guy without having to worry about being charged with ANY crime Trayvon Martin was unarmed, about half the size of George Zimmerman and that one went to trial and he was found INNOCENT due to 'Stand Your Ground' - You don't have to retreat or think about it . . . . you can just shoot and the law will protect you. Now, prosecutors are not bothering to take any cases to trial and waste a bunch of the county money, because any half brained lawyer can get anybody off, citing that law and the precedents already on the books Don
  7. Beta Don

    OEM Seat Compatibility

    Yes, the rear bench in the SWB and the LWB models are completely different in that they can be completly removed from the SWB model in just a couple minutes, where they can't in the LWB models Don
  8. Beta Don

    OEM Seat Compatibility

    My 2014 SWB cane with the removable 60/40 split bench. The seat backs fold flat to the bottoms and then the entire seat flips up 90 degrees and stows vertically, resting on the backs of the front buckets - The headrests don't need to be removed as they end up stowed in the footwell area when flipped up vertically. Flip a pair of little levers and you can lift wither the 60 or the 40 portion (or both) out of the van and stow them at home when you need the extra room. The seat belts are built into the seats (both halves of the center belt) so they come out with the seats. Certainly the neatest seating design I've ever seen But . . . . I am 90% sure these would only fit a SWB van which was designed for them, as the mounting system is a part of the van floor, so I doubt you could install them in a LWB model. I mention this only to warn you that if you were to buy a set of these used, I think you would have a very difficult time mounting them in your van Don
  9. Beta Don


    It's been many years, but I've had head gasket leaks which did exactly what the OP says he has - Blowing water out of the radiator - and never had any sign of water in the exhaust. How can water leak back into the cylinder when the engine is running?? . . . . and how can any water leak into the cylinder when you shut it off when all the water has been blown out of the cylinder head?? Maybe some engines DO put water in the exhaust with a blown head gasket, but I can tell you for sure, it's not always the case Don
  10. Beta Don


    Head gasket?? Don
  11. Beta Don

    Mike Chell's Soapbox

    He was pretty violently thrown to the ground . . . . when he had posed no threat at all to anyone in the car . . . . he didn't even get within three feet of the car As the law is written all he needs is to feel threatened for his life and then he is legally OK to use deadly force, plain and simple. If that guy had thrown me on the ground like that, where my head could have easily been split open, I would sure feel threatened for my life and it doesn't matter a lick if the guy who did it is standing still, backing up or coming forward, to me - I feel threatened for my life because he just showed me what he can do and I'm not going to give him a chance to finish the job!! Terrible law, but until it's rewritten (or better yet, just wiped off the books) these sorts of scenarios are what you're going to get. He just needs to say he feels threatened and he's off the hook, no ifs ands or buts! Don
  12. $30K for a new diesel TC - I paid exactly half that for my 2014 with 12,000 miles on it two years ago. For me, the difference in cost would never work out in my favor, unless I kept the diesel for about 30 years - Problem is, I won't last that long 🤔 Don
  13. A diesel is a big winner in low end torque, so if you're buying a tow vehicle, getting a diesel makes good sense. If you run the freeways putting on 50K per year, a diesel can outlive a gas engine by 2X or 3X assuming the vehicle built around it lasts as long as the engine . . . . but modern gas engines are starting to live as long as the vehicle they came in too. A diesel gets better mileage, but it pollutes more and the fuel costs a bit more. Almost all new diesels now have a urea tank which you have to keep up with, which can get expensive enough to almost offset any fuel cost advantages. For me, if I drove it a LOT and/or if I was buying it primarily to tow a heavy load, I would look to a diesel, otherwise the modern gas engine would get my vote. In actuality, I would rather have an electric vehicle than either one . . . . and I do own three 😋 Don
  14. Ford is just plain STUPID if they don't properly repair your TC quickly and on their dime . . . . but then, I've had some pretty stupid interactions with two dealers near me since I bought mine, so I wouldn't hold my breath - My TC is very likely my first and last Ford Don
  15. It's amazing how short sighted a company can be . . . . . and still expect to stay in business. I'm feeling really good that I made the decision not to let either of my nearby dealers do that recall! Many years ago in Ft Walton Beach Florida a guy bought a Lincoln that he had to return to the dealer half a dozen times to get things fixed and the fixes were all poor, and he got nothing but arguments when he compained. After a time, he got really frustrated. The city had parking meters on the main street right in front of the dealership and he went to the city and got a long term lease on the spot right in front of the dealers driveway . . . . I think he made a deal to rent that spot for a YEAR. He parked the Lincoln there, with lemons painted all over it and of course that made the local television news and then the national news too. The newspaper interviewed him and he told the whole story and that made the national news AGAIN. The dealer sued (unsuccessfully) to get the car moved, but he left it sit there for months on end . . . . I was TDY there to Eglin AFB for several months and it was still there when I left. They sure messed with the wrong customer that time! Don