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  1. Dandytc

    Ford of Canada NONservice

    I ran into the same problem when I was trying to get a recovery hook urgently needed for my '15 wagon. There is a thread somewhere on this forum about the subject, but to cut through the chase, the part number for the one I bought is 6M2Z-17A954-A. It is listed as a part number for other vehicles in their book, but I insisted on getting one, so they sold me one (Can$ 46.77 + tax). Good luck.
  2. Dandytc

    Top 5 Things About Your Transit Connect

    White bumpers on my 15 LWB XLT wagon... Does that count, or are you strictly looking for white bumpers on cargo vans?
  3. Dandytc

    Spare Tire Release Hex Bit Size

    The hex bit on the lug wrench is 13 mm, with a loose fit, but a 14 mm bit doesn't fit. It looks like a 1/2" bit would work as well. Did you need an excuse to visit your nearest HF?
  4. Dandytc

    I saw #7 today!

    That is what I was told when I bought my slightly used wagon. It has been previously insured for 6-8 months (8500 kms) as a rental, according to the carproof papers. I checked the websites of the local rental companies, and none of them lists a TC specifically; just a brand or another "or similar". I have a hunch that maybe Hertz has some TCs, but I haven't phoned to check.
  5. Dandytc

    I saw #7 today!

    They seem to be rare too in metro Vancouver area. Although they are familiar with the vans, people ask me regularly what kind of vehicle I drive when I pull up with my xlt wagon. There is usually some used wagons for sale at dealerships (ex-rentals), but they are not a hot item, and don't seem to move easily. That allowed me to negotiate a good deal when I bought mine, after it sat unsold for 8 months.
  6. My 15 XLT wagon has the one-touch down or up on all windows. This is something I was wishing for in my previous car.
  7. Dandytc

    Ramps modification

    It has been mentioned in various threads that the 2014+ TC cannot be lifted on ramps because of low clearance below the front bumper assembly. I was considering making my own ramps with a shallower angle, but came up with this solution instead. This version is a little crude, made up of lumber I had on hand, but it works with my ramps, so I will assemble a more permanent version of it. This system essentially changes the angle of the ramp by adding 2 layers of 2 X 10 under the front of the ramp (2 x 12 would be better). I suppose other brands of ramps might require some tweaking. Of course, do all this at your own risk, on a flat and solid surface. Doing this also changes how the ramp sits when loaded, in such a way that it was not designed for, making it more tippy.
  8. There is currently 2 post on Craigslist in my area for 2015-16 TCs with 6 cyl engines (for sale by owner). To paraphrase MRTN in another thread: "Dummies". " 6 cylinder (good power but also good fuel economy) Factory warranty until Dec 2018" I don't think I would even deal with someone who cannot count to four when they open the hood.
  9. Dandytc

    Disable Perimeter Lighting

    A few weeks ago, I had to park my TC and trailer on a country road for a while. Despite the lack of traffic in that neighbourhood, I turned on my 4-way flashers, and when I tried to start the engine 3 hours later, I found the battery was dead. I called a friend to come give me a boost, and discovered that even when you remove the battery cover, you can only really access the positive battery post to clamp on. There isn't enough space above the battery to clamp on to the negative post. After some fumbling, we finally got a ground somewhere, but I was a little frustrated by the whole thing. Later on, back home, I found the solution: there is a short length of wire between the negative battery post and an external post on the body, just above the fuse box, and to the right of the battery when looking at it. (It really is on the left side of the car.) That seems to be the best place for the negative clamp.
  10. Mickster, first off, welcome to the forum. With your first post, you bring the answer to a question that has been asked many times. I'm sure many TC owners will thank you. It seems your dealership stands above the rest.
  11. Dandytc

    anoying back up alarm sound

    I also have the Curt trailer hitch and wiring kit, and as I have a raised ball mount to fit my trailer, I end up with a scenario very similar. My solutions are: 1 - Remove the ball mount if I don't need it; it only takes seconds to remove, and I don't like to bump into it. 2 - I have a switch to temporarily disable the alarm when I have the ball mount installed or when I back up with a trailer. (2015 XLT wagon). The switch leaves the camera active.
  12. Dandytc

    14 and Newer 6 Speed Select Shift

    The Volvo 300 series was the successor of the Volvo 66, itself the successor of the Daf 66. Volvo had bought Daf and continued production with some changes and improvements. The cars were referred to as Daf, even after the name change. The variomatic transmission basically allows you to go as fast in reverse as in forward. These cars were successfully raced in rally competition, and later on, were raced in reverse in demolition derby type races. There are some videos on youtube, but most are not in English.
  13. Dandytc

    14 and Newer 6 Speed Select Shift

    Back in the mid 80's, when I was living in Europe, I owned a Volvo 66, with a 1.3l engine coupled to a Variomatic transmission, which was the original CVT. That little car was a hoot to drive. I could start faster than much bigger, more powerful cars. I once beat a Porsche twice in a row, starting at light controlled intersections. Of course, it was game over for me as soon as the Porsche shifted into 2nd. Still a lot of fun, though. That car was also unbeatable on snow. With regular tires and some weight in the trunk, I could stop uphill on a snow covered road, and get going again no problem. In fact, I have never owned or just driven any other car that was that good on snow (2 wheel drive), even equipped with snow tires. Before buying my TC, I considered other cars, some of which were equipped with CVT, but they all had low towing capacities.
  14. Dandytc

    14 and Newer 6 Speed Select Shift

    Actually, that engine is designed to rev; it is inherent to a DOHC 4 bangers. Drivers that are uncomfortable revving small engines are usually people that are used to driving north american vehicle with over-sized engines that lets them get away with under-utilizing resources. When I bought my TC, a family member in Europe asked me why I had chosen such a large engine. To understand that question, take a look at one of the European Ford site and check out their engines.
  15. Dandytc

    Engine runs rough at idle, idles too low

    I originally found out about this hack from other sources that did not include any warnings. I tried it on my 02 focus several times, because I thought I was a cool trick, but I also used it to see if there was any DTC codes (I don't remember what the reason was), and I used it while driving to keep an eye on the engine temperature when I had overheating issues due to malfunctioning fans once, and a defective thermostat another time. As far as I know, this hack only allows you to read data, not to modify it.