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  1. My brother had a sway control like G B L's on his old [heavy] tent-trailer. Worked great. His present trailer is 6000 lbs 28ft and uses a load-equalising hitch. As for me, I've never felt the need for brakes nor sway-control on my 1500lbs pop-up. But if I ever get my dream 1800 lb trailer, definitely brakes and the Curt sway control. Perhaps I'm just old-fashioned but would trust that control much more than electronics.
  2. I got a Curt hitch and 4-pin wiring done to my 2016 by an independent shop 2 yrs ago. I tow a 1500lbs (+/-) tent-trailer in summer with no problems, usually with the A/C on & usually with a load of 'stuff' in the van too. Originally wanted to install the accesory trans cooler I had but couldn't find any room or easy way to do it. No problem as never had any overheating. I do use a 4pin (van) to 6pin (trailer) adaptor. There are 4-pin to 7-pin adaptors available.
  3. Gideon

    What snow tires y'alls running 2010-2013

    2016 wagon with 215/60r16 agressive-tread winter tires. I'm located midway between Ottawa,Ont. and Montreal,Que. Got van in summer 2018 and no problems in winter. Can turn off traction-control on steering wheel but it will reset at next start.
  4. I've read about and considered the ebay (russian) lift kit for my 2016 wagon. However, the total cost [kit+import duties+installation] is simply too much to justify the minimal gain in clearance for me. "Your mileage may differ". Though I did go with '60' series winter tires. And will do same when ready to replace summer tires. As for speedo 'error' with larger tires: Because manufacturers CANNOT guarantee 100% accuracy [machining tolerances, customer mods, etc.], all speedos/odometers are deliberately calibrated slightly "optimistic", but NEVER lower than actual speed for legal/liability reasons ! Same applies {quietly!} to GPS ! Therefore changing from OE '55' series tires to '60' series should not really need any reprogramming of speedo. "65"series and/or tires with heavy lug tread (mud) likely will need reprogramming of speedo.
  5. Gideon

    Oil and Transmission Cooler ?

    Thought about it for my 2016 wagon but mechanic said too hard to do and not needed. I tow a 1200 lbs +/- tent-trailer [with A/C on] and have never had engine temp problems.
  6. http://www.camper-van-fun.com/mini-camper.html Great site for camper ideas. Its european but has some north american content too.
  7. Gideon

    What a Great TC Surprise! New TC Owner

    There's a russian kit on ebay to raise the ground clearence by 30 or 40 mm that seems nice. I believe someone on this forum has installed it.
  8. Gideon

    Lift-gate inside release?

    Is there an easy (cheap!) way to add an inside rease to the rear lift-gate ??
  9. Gideon

    Misfire P0353

    The "joys" ??? of modern automotive computer tech.
  10. Gideon

    2019 transit connect - no backup sound?

    I should check but don't believe I have sensors in rear bumper [2016 XL wagon]. But the back-up camera seems to beep ok.
  11. Gideon

    Isn't this the cutest van

    Many years ago I saw an article where someone crammed a Rolls-Royce "Merlin" (same engine as in P-51) into an ORIGINAL Austin Mini. Problem was how to fit larger fuel tank(s).
  12. I've got a 2016 wagon bought in 2018. Love it - lots of room for cargo when seats folded down and 7 seat availability. For economy (initial cost & maintenance) I'd never get a turbo. My 2.5L with 6-speed auto can easily keep up with traffic city & hgwy, even when towing my tent-trailer. And quite good on gas. Buiying slightly used [1or 2 yrs old] saves the "instant" 30+% depreciation on a new vehicle. Look around and check the 2 styles of rear door (lift or barn) to see what works best for you. Each has good & bad points. Cargo model has more load space but can be noisy. Wagon quieter and has windows [well-tinted] so nicer for passengers. Be aware that newer cars than your '94' have far more electronic system controls. So major service will best be done at a dealer, but regular maintenance can be done by any garage.
  13. Gideon

    Hello! I'm after remap advice

    Never done that to any of my cars. BUT; More power AND better fuel consumption ?? Reread your high [middle] school Physics and Chemistry books ! Power comes from burning fuel => you can have more power OR better fuel consumption - NOT BOTH.
  14. Gideon

    What is this object?

    worst case, you could try asking AT&T about it.
  15. Gideon

    What is this object?

    It may have been an alarm switch or additional door lock. But I'd go with alarm switch.