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    Big Brother - Auto Manufacturers

    Map [with/without calibrated Compass] = "original GPS". Even with yearly updates, my Garmin GPS still gives false directions when I drive to my favorite campground [gone there the past 15+ yrs]. While good maps ARE best (my opinion), I do like the extra help of GPS for travel to/in unfamiliar or construction areas, and for time estimates. As the 'Owners Manual' says: electronics are NOT a substitute for driver resposibility & attentiveness ! As for my cell phone, its on but in sleep mode and all my family know I will not answer calls when driving !!
  2. Gideon

    Passengers seats or Cargo????

    What about a lower-cost cargo model and get it repainted by a reputable shop ??
  3. Something like this should have been under warranty or safety-recall. Although I'm canadian, I would have yelled for the NHTSA to get involved !!
  4. Gideon

    Big Brother - Auto Manufacturers

    BTW: If any of you use 'Wase' [gps app, if I didn't spell correctly], I hope you read the fine print in the 'user agreement' to see exactly what you allow the app (ie:company) to do with/to your info.
  5. Gideon

    Big Brother - Auto Manufacturers

    And god help you if you have a "smart speaker" or such at home. Their mics are ALWAYS ON, to hear-record-and pass on any & every thing !! My opinion: If a company is going to make money with MY personal info, then they should pay me for that priveledge !!
  6. Gideon

    How Do You Check Engine Hours?

    Fifty150 is absolutely right. I've always preferred to change all fluids and to have all else dble-checked by MY [not seller's] mechanic. Even trusted mechanics are human and could possibly have overlooked something, especially at busy garages where the mechanic may be interuppted at times.
  7. Gideon

    TPMS question

    I have many times in the past been alerted to tire 'problems' [and alignment] by paying attention to how the car handles [smooth, low/no traffic road]. One time a tire was off by just 4-5 lbs but it was enough for me to notice. I remember when my daughter was shopping for a car and liked the car but not its road 'manners'. Her description of its handling instigated a close look at the tires where 2 appeared low (visual). After getting the salesman to have the car serviced - he said they found the tires low - she tried the car again, and bought it.
  8. Gideon

    TPMS question

    At the risk of being "a pain in the b****", I will repeat: What is wrong with USING a $3 to $5 Tire Gauge and couple of minutes EASY work ??? Yes, ALL batteries eventually wear out.
  9. As I said before, CVT is great for small "eco-boxes" but not (yet) for medium/heavy duty. Notice that Nissan NV200 has smallest load capacity of the mini-vans [TC, City Ram, NV200] and NO trailer towing while TC & CityRam can tow 2000lbs. !!!
  10. BTW, for the new TCs with transmission problems, lets hope Ford isn't using the same software engineers as Boeing !! Off topic: with all the troubles of new aviation hdwe, interesting that Israeli air force still operates some C47s [last built in 1945 but with replaced engines].
  11. The most common CVTs are based on a Dutch patent (Van Doorne) - great for small light-duty cars, but not so for vans or heavy service. Before I got my 2016 TC, I looked at the nissan. Problems: 1. Only available as cargo models at the time. And only at Nissan 'commercial' dealers. 2. CVT uses specialized oil (Read: $$$$) and runs at somewhat higher rpms in order to gear-down to get decent torque. 3. Absolutely NO trailer-towing [I love summer camping in my tent-trailer]. My LWB 7-seat TC is just perfect for me. And the seat entry height was perfect for my son after his back surgery => no climbing nor crawling-in.
  12. Gideon


    Yes, load rating IS important. BUT you can always reduce the weight of all the 'junk' that ends up accumulating in our cars. Even standard (factory installed) tires can be destroyed by overloading the car. My 7-seat TC has never yet had a load equal to 7 people in it.
  13. My 2016 also starts honking if I use the key to get in AND am slow to put key into the ignition switch. Pressing the alarm button on key fob does shut the honking.
  14. Gideon

    TPMS question

    Generally prices here in Canada are higher than USA. That said, I have no problem using old-fashioned hand tire gauge and simply ignoring the TPMS warning in dash.
  15. My 2016 [Cdn] lock/unlock is same as PhotoAl's. 1 press for frt doors, dble press for all doors and key fob has separate button for rear liftgate only [does lock itself when closed].
  16. Gideon


    I do wonder if gas-charged or air shocks are worth the expense, and just what would they do for ride height? AS you, I'm only looking for 1 - 2 inch extra height to clear rocks/pot holes (at campgrounds) and high sidewalks.
  17. Gideon


    I had rubber spacers put in (rear only - no can do front) over the coils, NOT inside coils. Even so, they came out after couple months. I've given up on lifts as my budget can't handle higher expense [for what it gives]. I have gone with '60' series (rather than stock '55's) tires for winter and like them {no TPMS - hand gauge is good enough and MUCH cheaper}, so will go that route when its time to replace the regular tires. BTW, my summer fuel consumption, towing 1500lbs tent-trailer and with AC full on is around 30miles/gal (cdn) at 105 Km/h. 2016 wagon.
  18. Gideon

    BARN DOORS to Lift Gate

    If you're looking for shade while loading/unloading or 'hanging-out in back, why not just throw a good tarp over the open barn doors ?
  19. Sgsf12 you're lucky Quebec has good consumer protection laws [ie:reasonable expectation of use, mandatory warranty] !! When I was looking for mine, the townships seemed to have some good deals. They were just too far for me.
  20. Gideon

    Custom Platform

    I wish I could find & afford an Apache camper. That was a good idea [solid walls] but quite expnsive here in Canada. And seems as it wasn't commercially successful in US either. Too bad, wish some company would bring similar onto todays market (But NOT:"made in china")!
  21. Did you check the nozzzles to see if the holes are clear (not plugged up)? Any dirt in the hoses or reservoir?
  22. Gideon

    New-To-Me 2015 Wagon

    All it takes is a few 'major' shopping trips, and your signifcant other will appreciete the functionality of the TC.
  23. As my brother says: most mechanics today are NOT real mechanics because they do not actually FIX anything, they are simply parts CHANGERS. When was the last time a mechanic actually repaired a part and reinstalled it ??? And yes I know it is cheaper to replace instead of repair. That is why we have such a problem with landfills all over this world.
  24. Gideon

    Oil Change

    Personally I prefer 5W30 or even 5W40 for better performance at the high temp range. On my old 2005 Vibe I always used 5W40 and never a problem, even when towing my pop-up (about 1500lbs Gross) in hot, humid weather ang bumper-to-bumper traffic. I had however added a trans cooler in series with the built-in one. With no dipstick on the 2016 TC, I'd never try to connect that extra cooler myself and the dealer's estimate really put me off. BTW, when I had service done (Ford service plan) and they changed the tires for winters, they "claimed" 4 nuts were stripped and charged me $8.95 CDN EACH (+tax) for the replacements.
  25. Not famiiar with gen2 SWB. My 2016 LWB has seats that fold, but are not removeable [re: owner's manual] without some serious work. Same manual does say SWB seats are removeable.