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  1. Gideon

    Misfire P0353

    The "joys" ??? of modern automotive computer tech.
  2. Gideon

    2019 transit connect - no backup sound?

    I should check but don't believe I have sensors in rear bumper [2016 XL wagon]. But the back-up camera seems to beep ok.
  3. Gideon

    Isn't this the cutest van

    Many years ago I saw an article where someone crammed a Rolls-Royce "Merlin" (same engine as in P-51) into an ORIGINAL Austin Mini. Problem was how to fit larger fuel tank(s).
  4. I've got a 2016 wagon bought in 2018. Love it - lots of room for cargo when seats folded down and 7 seat availability. For economy (initial cost & maintenance) I'd never get a turbo. My 2.5L with 6-speed auto can easily keep up with traffic city & hgwy, even when towing my tent-trailer. And quite good on gas. Buiying slightly used [1or 2 yrs old] saves the "instant" 30+% depreciation on a new vehicle. Look around and check the 2 styles of rear door (lift or barn) to see what works best for you. Each has good & bad points. Cargo model has more load space but can be noisy. Wagon quieter and has windows [well-tinted] so nicer for passengers. Be aware that newer cars than your '94' have far more electronic system controls. So major service will best be done at a dealer, but regular maintenance can be done by any garage.
  5. Gideon

    Hello! I'm after remap advice

    Never done that to any of my cars. BUT; More power AND better fuel consumption ?? Reread your high [middle] school Physics and Chemistry books ! Power comes from burning fuel => you can have more power OR better fuel consumption - NOT BOTH.
  6. Gideon

    What is this object?

    worst case, you could try asking AT&T about it.
  7. Gideon

    What is this object?

    It may have been an alarm switch or additional door lock. But I'd go with alarm switch.
  8. Gideon

    Correct air filter

    Is your 1.6 a USA/Cdn spec or is it a EU spec that was brought to the US ?? My manual agrees with this.
  9. Gideon

    New kid on the block....saying HI

    I don't know where you're located, but here in Canada regular grade is 85 octane and 95 IS considered as "premium". And I notice that in your photo of fuel filler it is clearly called "Super Premium" !!
  10. Gideon

    New kid on the block....saying HI

    Can't say anything about the newer models, but 2016 - 2018 offered 1.6 Ecoboost (IE: Turbo) or 2.5 non-turbo. What the ads "conveniently" forget to mention except in "micro-print" is that turbo's NEED PREMIUM fuel {$$$} and more pricey oil. Toss in added maintenance costs and turbos are NOT so great ! My 2016 LWB wgn with 2.5 non-turbo has all the power I need even when towing 1300-1400 lb tent-trailer at highway speed AGAINST the wind.
  11. Check out http://www.camper-van-fun.com/mini-camper.html Its a european site but has some great ideas for camper conversion. There's also some north american content. Please note, as many on this forum will agree, that cargo models are easiser to convert to campers, but if you have kids you'll want proper(safe) seating, so a wagon would be better.
  12. Gideon

    Fluid leak

    Absolutely go to an independent garage to get the van checked. Also ask them (independent) to check for any recalls and "service bulletins". Photo copy all reciepts and work orders to show ford as your van should be under warranty. To the best of my knowledge you do NOT need to go to a ford dealer to get the work done and ford IS obliged to cover the costs. Verify this with Small Claims Court (or similar legal agency) !!!
  13. Gideon

    New kid on the block....saying HI

    Much depends if you want/need to keep the rear seats. Lots of ideas & help on this forum. You may even want to look at the camper conversions for storage ideas. Just be careful of ford's "so-called" customer {NON?} service!! All the best.
  14. Gideon

    Transit Connect temp control and mode switch does not work

    Am I the only "old geezer" who longs for a LOT LESS computer controls in my vehicule ?? Yes there ARE places where computers do good in cars, but what happened that driving schools stopped to emphacise the computer we were all born with ??
  15. http://www.camper-van-fun.com/mini-camper.html This is European site with lots of ideas. Worth a look for anyone thinking of, or doing conversions. European campgrounds are rather different than on our side of the pond. People tend to go with small, fuel-efficient vehicles due to high taxes and fuel costs. Also distances, recreational green space, and population density contribute to the differences. Wish I could afford some of those (Great!) goodies for my van.
  16. Good site for conversion ideas. Its European but does have some N.American content. http://www.camper-van-fun.com/mini-camper.html
  17. Gideon

    Cab Owner/Operator With Battery Issues

    Also dble check all electrical connections to ensure they are clean & tight. From past experience playing with electronics, I know poor connections {loose, corroded, intermittent shorts} are the hardest to diagnose and cause the biggest headaches! And anything you can do to reduce heat under the hood will help. Question: Do you live near the ocean with a lot of salty humidity in the air ?? THAT could (?) be a problem.
  18. Gideon

    Cab Owner/Operator With Battery Issues

    Get a ford dealer (yes they charge $$) to program the computer to "Dark Mode". This means outside lights don't come on & stay on for 5 min or so whenever you open doors. Inside lights are controlled by their switches. Otherwise, anything you can do to minimize current draw when engine is off will help. Any bulbs that can be replaced with LEDs will help too. One final suggestion: as batteries do not like heavy currents [out nor in] , consider a DIY or commercial "trickle charger". Easy to make from almost any 12-15VDC pwr supply of under 2 amps output. Can be left on overnight or longer with NO problems. On my 2016 xlt (dark mode set up) wagon I added small solar panels in each rear side window [wired to rear fuse box area] and a slightly larger one on dash in front of steering (had these from some long ago project). Even after standing for about 10 days without use, the van started on first turn. These cannot charge a dead battery, but can make up for the parasitic draw of electronics.
  19. Also, when not on the job, eliminating any unnecessary weight will help.
  20. Power comes from burning fuel. Simple physics: more power = less mpg's. Only thing I can suggest is keeping tire pressure at or SLIGHTLY(2-3 psi max) above specification. This should help reduce "rolling resistance". Any higher psi will cause rapid tire wearout. Don't know if possible, but some sort of streamlined front cover for your ladders may also help.
  21. Or perhaps installing aftermarket auxilliary lights (with switched relays) ??
  22. As I keep saying about ford's non-existing "customer service" !! Really like the Connect wagon - handy, practical, comfortable; but absolutely abhor ford's so-called customer service.
  23. Yeah, that tailgate latch is always in my mind. Something I'd never consider before is to make an opening in the liftgate and add a mechanical release with some sort of exterieur lock - just wishfull thinking for now. No mechanical control is the result of "penny pinching" by manufacturers. They want the cheapest possible method and charge the max possible for it !! Big problem with computerised controls: What training did the computer programmer have in mechanics ?? I'd hate to find out "in the middle of nowhere" that the software was faulty, hacked, or inappropriate !!
  24. Pretty sure you'll like the tiny increase in ground clearence come winter. Also around here, the '60's are a bit cheaper - go figure as they do have more rubber on them.