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  1. Jiquay

    Hello from Minnesota

    I found out yesterday that my brother has the last of the Freestar vans. He only gets a flat floor if he wrestles 200+ lbs of furniture out of his van & finds space in the garage to store it. GK
  2. Jiquay

    Hello from Minnesota

    I went FTC because I didn't want "dad's minivan." That ruled out Caravan, Odyssey & Quest... I saw a FTC that t-boned a Tahoe & the family that walked out of the Ford while first responders worked an hour to get the meat out of the Chevy...
  3. BSUPC: They'll buff it & paint it but it'll still cost you $30g+ to look as good as mine 8-) GK
  4. Jiquay

    New-ish Owner

    Realise that Ford specs 6500 miles for the oil change because they know it's good for 7700 & they're allowing you a few miles to find lube rack. Don't mess around with dollar store oil, farty arty "liquid tuneup additive" and one-size-fits-all filter adaptors - 6500 miles will be fine. New engines don't have nearly the blow-by into the crankcase that the old bangers did. And new oils don't deteriorate under the pressures that converted old oils to varnish & sludge. GK
  5. I dated a woman for 3 months because she knew more than 3 ways to use WD40...
  6. I have a regular ride I do on country roads & I thought it would be a good test for my new FTC Wagon. 51 km ride @ 70 - 90 km/h. Windows open - 7.4 litres per 100 km Windows closed - 7.3 litres per 100 km Air conditioned - 8.3 litres per 100 km Not nearly as bad as my old pickup, which went from 12 to 17.5 with the a.c.. GK
  7. You need ALL the keys to the car in order to do this. Once you start the process, all keys in the sequence will be accepted and any keys not in the sequence will be eliminated. I went through this with a '91 Dodge at work back in the day... GK
  8. My B3000 never cost me much in repairs until this year, when I need 8 tires, brakes, muffler, head gasket, power steering pump, and battery. $6g for a truck with 330000 km on the clock... Good down payment on the FTCW! GK
  9. Jiquay

    Good news for Luddites

    Yeah, I'm gonna trust the same minds that programmed my GPS to drive my car - the ones that say I can buy gas right across the street at a garage that hasn't sold gas since 1926, & that says my house (by address) is 7 doors down the street... GK
  10. Jiquay

    I saw #7 today!

    I've been driving 36 years & until last week, I've owned 2 vehicles. I figure I'll only own 2 more. THIS ONE is gonna be NEW. And CUSTOM. Well, I guess I got half of that now. GK
  11. Jiquay

    Good news for Luddites

    Esssentiial TTremoor - II gett reesullts likke thhis... 8-) GK
  12. Jiquay

    Good news for Luddites

    For medical reasons, I can't use a touch-screen.
  13. I got my new FTCW last week. I ended up with an XLT, with full Sync audio system. The salesman asked me if I wanted help to connect my phone to the Sync. "Sure," I said as I pulled my DumbPhone out & flipped it open... "Euh, ummm..." The good news is YES! Sync does, in fact, hook up to a flippie with Bluetooth... It needs a bit of patience & creativity, but it CAN be done. The voice commands work to make a call, and the phone won't do a lot more than that anyway... GK
  14. Jiquay


    With the frequency of a flat tire on the road (one in 35 yrs driving) and the cost of CAA service, I think I'll leave the jack at home & use that trunk space for something else... GK
  15. I saw your pic on the top of the forum when I opened it - animal strikes leave a very distinct dent & this has it. Hope your bodyshop can find a TC in a scrapyard to get you back on the road. I drove for a courier service many years ago - we had a Plymouth Reliant that got older as it went by you. Two accidents got the front end of an '86 and the tailgate of an '84 put on this '85 wagon. GK