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  1. herb

    Transit Connect top speed?

    Your Connect must be really slow , mine is a speedster , i can get a speeding ticket very easily and those things are expensive.
  2. herb

    4,000 Miles

    I would think the appearance of the oil would give you an indication if it needs changing but i can't say for sure . This is synthetic oil and it always looks clean to me , non synthetic is easy to tell because it looks oxidized and darkens when it gets old.
  3. herb

    4,000 Miles

    I just did as well and for the first time i see my " Oil Change Required" light come on . It stays on permanently which is a pain , then when you call the dealer to come in for an oil change they make you wait awhile so i'm not happy about needing to wait . Vans been sitting still because i think "Don't drive it " , lots of damage will occur , need oil change first then it will be OK to drive. I obsess over this kind of stuff , wish i had a " I don't give a damn attitude" and if it was someone else's vehicle i wouldn't give a damn but it's mine .
  4. herb

    Transit Connect top speed?

    I don't care about top speed either and i have no difficulties passing people or merging into traffic , the things plenty powerful enough to handle everything i throw at it . That's for the 2.5 Liter not sure about the new 2.0 Liter.
  5. herb

    2018 vs 2019

    The new 2.0 is about achieving better fuel efficiency and it is considerably better than the 2.5 in that area so Ford has succeeded . It's not slightly better either it's noticeably better . Problem is there is also a noticeable power let down which is the negative to having considerably better fuel efficiency .
  6. herb

    2018 vs 2019

    Woman keep you young , tough to attract them while driving around on a scooter with a top speed of 15 mph though . I pull up to the ladies on my scooter and say " Hello miss i'm herb and you are " and they always say " NOT INTERESTED" . Suffice to say Scooters are NOT chick magnets , time to ditch the scooter for an electric wheelchair , that should work well , hopefully i can ditch the helmet .
  7. herb

    2018 vs 2019

    Sorry , not buying it and Disco and the words "Good times" do not go together !!! Look 50 we know you consider yourself a tremendous physical specimen where gravity and aging doesn't apply but we need to get back to reality . It's time to acknowledge that you're in the "Fossil " stage of life which means that at any time you could expire without notice , and i mean that in a good way so don't take it the wrong way . Fifty , there is no surfing anymore , your days of stalking Barry Manilow are over , there is no more doing splits on the dance floor to the "Bee Gees , at least not without ripping a huge whole in your trousers and being carted off on a stretcher . Once in the fossil stage it is wise to pray that you will make it through the entire night , if we do make it till first light that is a very good sign because many in the fossil stage do not make it and perish. Always remember that "The Golden Years" are the best years of your life , love your always super positive attitude & hoping i sent a little cheer your way .
  8. herb

    2018 vs 2019

    I decided to purchase the 2018 with the 2.5 for the exact reason Fifty stated which is i didn't want something that's in it's first year of production . I have been very pleased with the 2018 with the 2.5 . I also much preferred the "Fog lamp" design in the 2018's and previous models i did not like the subtle design changes on the 2019 , i also did not like the dash changes on the 2019 .
  9. herb

    2014+ standard side mirrors

    $ 185.00 per side , not me man , i can think of a lot of other things to better spend my cash on . I have zero issues with the smaller mirrors lol.
  10. herb

    Fuel Mileage

    I love how the TC generation II performs on the highway , no issues passing anybody with ease, super smooth and super comfortable .
  11. herb

    Those Attractive Interior Panels

    The SWB versions are awesome to drive, i got the LWB because i wanted max room but liked how the SWB drove better. That thing will get fantastic mileage .
  12. herb

    2010 XLT Slammed

    I wonder if the black colored roof has an effect on the temp inside the van .
  13. I ruled out the Promaster city as soon as i saw it up close , i hated the overall look .
  14. herb

    Two Times New

    Dang , nothings inexpensive these days . lots of used Thule and other racks on Craigs list etc... i got a complete set of Thule bars and the main attachment points for an older car one time for $110.00 on Craigs list . Worth a look.
  15. herb

    No love in Brooklyn

    I like the Transit vans also , i think one of those will be my next vehicle but i'm waiting on a major face lift , some appeal to me and others don't but i want to see what the next design will look like. The connect will most likely be in for a major face lift also in the not so distant future but to me there's no sharper looking micro van out there right now , it's super sharp looking . I think the little Dodge Promaster city's are brutally ugly .