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  1. herb

    Introducing myself and a camper

    Wow, thats really nice and on a generation II no less.
  2. herb

    ContiproContact Tire. Any Good?

    Please link me to the "Simple Tire" site that rates the CV tires because when i checked there are no reviews anywhere . The OP asked the below question: " Are they considered a good tire?" I found a single site that offered some reviews and it said 2.5 stars out of 5 stars which is what the OP was asking about , no need to act defensive about it, i'm sure some had better luck as the above posts indicate but are they a good tire , i would say no especially at the listed prices i see on the web . It's a " To each their own" as usual .
  3. herb

    ContiproContact Tire. Any Good?

    Seem to get solid reviews . " Absolute TRASH. After 22k miles of mostly highway use these tires are completely bald. Rotated at 12k, but even the tread wear markers are worn off now. They started throwing big chunks of rubber at 10k miles" " Without question the worst tire I've ever had on a truck. The tread is completely gone at 12K miles. I wouldn't put these tires on a car going to the junk yard" " 16500 miles and they have been rotated twice. Two of the four on the ground have less than 50%. The other two 50%. Gravel roads eat 'em up. Some of the worst tires I have owned" " Worst tires I've ever used. These tires border on unsafe for their complete lack of traction. They should not be allowed to be sold" " They are not a comfortable riding tire. Very bumpy. My biggest complaint is the tread wear or lack of it. I'm around 23,000 miles and my mechanic told me I'll need new tires in a few thousand miles. Rotated tires every oil change and kept them properly inflated. Very disappointed! We should file a class action lawsuit" " Garbage. Worst tires ever. Worn out after 25K. DO NOT BUY. EVER!" " Worst tires ever installed on my 2012 Ram truck. These tires shake terribly, and they can't be balanced correctly. Also caused my ball joints to wear prematurely" https://www.1010tires.com/Tires/Reviews/Firestone/Transforce+AT?px=1
  4. I actually love the look of the "White" , it was the only color i wanted . The ONLY other color i think it looks good in is light silver but thats just me . The only time the color white becomes creepy is when you never wash it , if it's sparkling clean no color looks better imo.
  5. Oh God , i hate the looks of the new one , not even remotely close to how stylish the older models were imo .
  6. I just want more volume , i wanted to just replace the speakers with higher quality ones but i haven't been able to find out if that would make a difference . The whole two way speaker or 3 way speaker to go with and i'm clueless as to the watts recommended and size also . I find the interior very quite but the overall volume is just a little bit too low for me. I think i would need two door speakers and two tweeters from what i read .
  7. Get a little creative .........? I think his gift card phone holder is very creative , very nice job . If i didn't already have a phone holder, ( Toss it onto the passenger seat) i might do what he did myself.
  8. The vehicle that got hit was it a TC or a regular Transit ? If it was a TC was it a 2nd generation, didn't see it mentioned in your first post .
  9. herb

    Heritage-Inspired Grabber Lime Arrives for 2020 Ford Mustang

    Man that is an awesome color , you have no idea how bad i want that 2020 GT 500 LOL.
  10. herb

    GOT IT!!!

    I thought you had a generation II TC , anyways i find the headlights plenty bright , i have no idea what the TC comes standard with . Some headlights are so ridiculously bright that other cars are convinced you're driving with your high beams on .
  11. herb

    New to TC. Need your opinions

    Yeah , an all wheel drive model sounds fantastic , i don't like the looks of the standard transit series vans, somethings a little bit off about them to me , i am looking forward to when they do a complete makeover .
  12. herb

    Basic Maintenance Suggestions

    I just can't get used to the whole 7000 mile interval changes for the oil especially the first one . It just seems to me that the first oil change should be far sooner since you're dealing with all types of metal particles from the engine breaking in . I also don't think waiting 25,000 miles to flush and fill the trans with new fluid is the best idea either and the TC's transmission issues over the years is why i feel that way. If it's not a major expense i would do it far sooner like 15,000 miles. Now i know many will disagree but i look at it as something that can only benefit the vehicle not hurt it in any way shape of form. Again , as long as it's not very costly , if it's not too costly i think it's a no brainer.
  13. I never judged anyone on what vehicle they drove , if thats what people judge others by good riddance , no wonder i much prefer my dog.
  14. herb

    Oil Leak

    I average about 6K miles per year and never beat on it so it will be long out of warranty before stuff is most likely to go bad.
  15. herb

    Oil Leak

    Parts a mere $77.00 , labor is a killer .