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  1. Man thats terrible , let us know how they handle it . Lets hope it's not a " Let me get some rags to help you dry it up" kind of response and then sending you on your way .
  2. herb


    It's not the height it's the width of the full size van compared to the TC , i can't reach the middle of the roof on a full size van but i can on the TC. It takes some elbow grease to be able to wash and dry the roof and then wax it and buff it out but the results are far better . Just spraying on a wax/cleaner would be my absolute last resort but it's better than nothing.
  3. herb

    the OH CRAP tote

    Toilet paper is overrated , videos out there confirm that many newbies to the USA just squat and drop no wiping or clean up required . Something that saves a ton of time , you don't even have to seek out a place to do it , video's confirm any public place is fine including sidewalks , office building hallways etc...
  4. herb


    No doubt the roof is not easy but doable , if it was a full size fan forget it but i can reach the middle from both sides on the TC.
  5. herb


    I'm lazy myself but not at your level of lazy yet , i agree keeping the exterior in great shape isn't easy , i manually wash the whole thing then i dry it , after it's dry i go over the entire vehicle again using a clay bar , after the clay treatment i wax the whole thing at let that dry ( Including every inch of the roof) when it's dry i scrub off all the wax & it's a beautiful site. After all the above is done the UV treatment starts for keeping all the plastic black trim from fading prematurely , that black plastic trim will go from a shiny black to a light colored weathered Grey real fast if not protected .
  6. herb


    Either one should do the job.
  7. herb


    Man, i feel your pain bud , sometimes wives just never shut up it's just non stop attacks 24/7 365 , it was a good idea to make her sit in the back instead of the passenger seat . They need to be taught a lesson , you may need to implement a ball gag if her lips keep flappin though. Look at the husband in the below pic , you can tell he's praying for death . Just awful
  8. I agree Don , i shake my head when i read people purchasing vehicles with 100 + K miles for 8 to 12 K, it just boggles my mind . If i bought used it would have to be a vehicle with 30,000 miles or under in pristine shape . Thats what i did with a mint condition 1990 Mustang GT , it had every option and 30,000 miles on it , the thing was babied , i bought it for $8K , sold it for 5K 3 years later .
  9. herb

    Upgraded 2016 speakers

    Are 2 way speakers a better choice than 4 way or 3 way ? All i want is a little more volume & clarity than what the stock TC comes with , not sure if just better speakers & tweeters would do that or not , hoping not to need a digital signal processor . So 6.5 inch replacements seem to be the correct size for the doors , i need to find out what the stock door speakers are rated at and then purchase slightly more powerful ones i suppose.
  10. After reading that article i can't imagine anyone wanting to purchase a 2019 , they make it sound like the 2020 is vastly superior in every way imaginable .
  11. herb

    New 2019 TC Wagon Titanium semi-conversion

    OMG , you got to be kidding me , what a nightmare . Well the 2019's do have a lot of changes to them including the engine and transmission so there will be bugs . I assume you took advantage of Ford's towing service since they offer roadside assistance for quite a while after purchase.
  12. Who said there was a "Screen" on the steering wheel ? My post said " The info to change things is on the steering wheel" .
  13. The TC tells you exactly how many more miles you got until you can't drive anymore i believe , the info to change things so you can see how many miles till completely empty is on the steering wheel, at least in my TC. It showed how many miles even with the low fuel light on.
  14. After thinking it over i'm going to have to agree , Fifty has superb priorities, rock solid .
  15. herb

    Purchasing a EXT. Transit to convert

    You talking about the Transit Connect or the Transit ? A Transit model will work for what you want to do but i highly doubt a Transit Connect will .