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  1. Surfing ? People at our age don't surf , very grateful that i can still walk .
  2. herb

    Citroën Berlingo

    Looks a lot more like the current Nissan than the current TC .
  3. herb


    Only if it's an aftermarket muffler thats sole intention is too make as much noise as possible and adding absolutely NOTHING to the performance , yes, if that was the case we would have a problem. If those bumper stickers happened to be of Barry Manilow that said " I " then a heart shaped symbol below it and Barry Manilow's name below that i can't say what would happen but none of it good , i do know that .
  4. herb


    There is no bail for this particular offense .
  5. I have to admit that is very nice , luckily for me i never had any issues with merging / parking , lane changing ext.. and i never rely on mirrors i always look , the drivers side window is big enough to allow it but i have heard more than a few with these vans say they do have issues with that stuff so a window is a good option.
  6. herb


    I shake my head in disgust every time i see a car like a Toyota Tercel with a giant wing attached to the back , is it possible that people exist on this planet who would do a double take and give a very enthusiastic two thumbs up when something like that rolls by , i hope not . Anybody that would roll down the highway in a TC sporting racing stripes and a ground effects package needs to be taken into custody and jailed for life .
  7. Sounds like it's impossible to see where the triple thick jacking point is so i guess you just have to feel for it with your hands . So you think as long as you maintain the 6 inch distance behind the front wheel and 6 inch distance in front of the rear wheel you will be OK ? Thank you
  8. herb

    voice command not "hearing" me

    It's confusing because it says " We are pleased to deliver a new SNYC software update - available for immediate download " but when you click on update it says the below . Despite all this i never had any issue with voice commands , every once in a blue moon when i decide to use it no problems but it's exceptionally rare that i use it . I do not have that microphone thing like Desert Connect showed in his above post either .
  9. herb

    voice command not "hearing" me

    I never saw an update listed since i bought my 2018 , it says the below but no update is offered. It was updated back in 2017 apparently long before i bought it late 2018.
  10. Wait a minute ......you actually followed Barry Manilow around..... like a groupie ? Never mind not important , nice jack stands by the way .
  11. herb

    2015 TC transmission fluid change

    I'm a lazy bastar_ myself , if i could add 4 instead of 3 thats the way i'm going , adding 3 then needing to make an additional effort to add 1 more is just not going to work for me .
  12. herb

    2015 TC transmission fluid change

    The car going into "limp mode". Oh God not "Limp" mode , i hate limp mode !!!!
  13. herb

    Citroën Berlingo

    Petrol engines available — 2018 International Engine of the Year, 1.2L PureTech S&S 110 hp or 130 hp EAT8 (auto) Diesel engines available — BlueHDi range 1.5L BlueHDi S&S 75 hp, 100 hp or 130 hp BVM6 (6-speed manual) or EAT8 (auto)
  14. That 1st generation looks clean.
  15. herb

    New AdVANturer!

    I never looked under my TC to see if a hitch would be a pain to install , if it's that easy i might do it.