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  1. Spiderracer314

    Troubleshooting serious vibration

    Good news guys! We checked to see if the engine was misfiring and found that it was. We replaced the spark plugs and coil over and it seems to be running fine. Weird that every shop we took it to said it was a transmission problem, but hey, its running right! We'll see how long it lasts, but fingers crossed lol
  2. Spiderracer314

    Troubleshooting serious vibration

    That's a good idea with the engine misfiring. I had thought it was solely the transmission, but I'll look into it. We actually just changed the transmission fluid again last night with a higher quality fluid, thinking that might fix it, but it did the vibrating thing again on the way to work this morning.
  3. Spiderracer314

    Troubleshooting serious vibration

    Thanks! We ran a code reader on it the other day and this is what it came up with:
  4. Spiderracer314

    Troubleshooting serious vibration

    Calling all my trouble shooting friends. (Turn sound on video) received_718228075355001.mp4 What could be causing this. 2012 ford transit connect. It feels and sounds like you are driving over severe rumble strips. It is unpredictable. Sometimes I can drive to work and back and it never happens. Some times it happens 40 times. I’ve replaced the torque converter and trans fluid. Everything runs great except this. As you see in video the tach climbs while it is happening. If you let your foot off the gas it goes away. If you don’t it lasts 5-10 seconds. Happens twice in this short video. Let’s here your theories.