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  1. I just passed 4,000 miles on the 2018 TC Cargo Van. Aside from the unbelievably uncomfortable seats, the non adjustable, fixed, wide angle side mirrors, and the non-gravity defying, big as a barn door, sun visor that ain't gonna last past 24 months, I LOVE this little van! Will go into detail at the 10K milepost but for now, we love it! Power, enough Room for cargo, Good Fuel Economy, a light foot helps but I'm up to 24.4 on the readout. I'll start tracking with pencil and paper after 5K miles for better accuracy. Great around town, parks ANYWHERE! Barn Doors, got used to the blind spot in a hurry. Love swinging those doors open to load or unload. Grease
  2. What he said! Looks clean. Please do share some details.
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    Thanks zalienz, I'm thinking rails instead of fixed points. Are there options other than the $600 Ford rails?
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    Greetings All, Wife's Subie got totaled by ins company after an extraordinary hail storm. We needed a new vehicle for our business and I wanted something we could camp in too. So, after having watched a couple of 2018 XLT cargo vans sit on a local dealer lot for almost a year I bought them both. Our plan is to wrap them both for business but turn one of them into a weekend warrior to include a rooftop tent. Just found this forum and figured I'd join to learn from the experts. Already got my money's worth when I saw a thread about "hidden space" in the second row footwell. First question is where do I find an aftermarket roof rack. Mine has no rails.