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  1. slybert

    Any Inverter Gurus Here?

    That's a block heater connector.
  2. What if you mount lower rated tires, because you does not carry much, and that you inflate them to, say, 36 psi as it is probably the higher pressure that they can hold.The TPMS will turn on the warning lamp because the spec says 40/49.
  3. I am looking at these Yokohama tires too, they're probably driving better than the Continental's. Does anyone can give us some feedback on replacement tires?
  4. slybert

    Micro Camper

    No plans on my side. Started with a basic idea and adjusted the panels to make them fit. After three trips I have made this summer, I found out that the bed extension is not really needed if you're alone. Still want to add some shelving in the rear doors among other things.
  5. slybert

    Micro Camper

    Very nice cabinet, it looks roomy. How do you hold the curtain that separates the front section?
  6. slybert

    Micro Camper

    Thanks. The website does not tell much about installation http://www.fantasticvent.com/ I also was a bit scared about that hole but I went just fine. You will have to fill the ribs of the roof, they are about one half inch deep. I used small pieces of plywood for the outside. For the inside, I also used the same plywood but pieces were larger. I used masking tape to determine the position of the fan. You must use a metal blade of course. I punch-marked and pre-drilled small holes once I was sure everything was right. You need about 3-1/8" wide pieces X 16" long (2X) and 3" long (4X) for the center ribs. These pieces were stucked between the roof and the headliner. That will provide the screw some more material to grip correctly. The fillers are held in place with butyl tape. The fan base must have a nice strip of butyl to seat on, all around, and overlaping the last inch is a good idea. I filled the ribs and went around the fan with silicone. I finished with a strip of Sikaflex on the screw heads to make sure the water will not make its way through. The fan has 3 speeds and reverses too and only draws 3.0 amps for 920 cfm at max speed.
  7. slybert

    Micro Camper

    The bench can be extended to approximately 40 inches when converting it to a bed.
  8. slybert

    Micro Camper

    I completed the fan-tastic roof vent installation. I put a vinyl sheet over the plywood and secured everything on the floor and on the wall using the threaded holes that the rear seatbelts normally mounts to.
  9. slybert

    Micro Camper

  10. slybert

    Micro Camper

  11. slybert

    Micro Camper

    I am using 1/2" multi-layer plywood for the bed and a standard 1/2" on the floor.
  12. slybert

    Micro Camper

    Nice pictures rwalsh. Phase One of mine should be completed soon and I will share some pictures too.
  13. slybert

    Different Cargo Dimensions?

    Hi Benfirst, I have been working on my 2012 camper conversion for a few weeks now and I can say that if you want too sit inside, the roof is just okay, so a latter model is probably a bit tight for that usage.