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  1. They make tires in the right size. The load rating is only 1400lbs @ 51 psi, but I don't really use my transit connect to haul that much stuff. I've had pretty good luck with yokohoma tires in the past. They are available in 205/65r15 load rating 92S.
  2. temp357

    New 17" Wheels & Tires Are On...

    How is the acceleration?
  3. temp357

    Looking for Transit Connect? CNG? Look Here

    Just purchased a 2012 CNG Transit Connect From Villa Ford for 26k+tax/license - 15GGE. Great deal! Can't use it until I get the plates and carpool sticker though so for now its sitting in my driveway. I think they still have a few more if anyone is interested.
  4. temp357

    LPG not working

    Is it cng or lpg? does it have lpg fuel?