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  1. CapnTroy

    New 17" Wheels & Tires Are On...

    We don't get much rain out here, but mine have been fine when it does happen...
  2. CapnTroy

    Wheel nuts what and where do you buy

    These are the lugs I use with the Volvo wheels on my TC...
  3. CapnTroy

    New 17" Wheels & Tires Are On...

    Not sure what type they are, the tire store supplied them...here's a pic.
  4. I've seen a few of these ExecuCars in my area with a sliding window in the sliding door...I'd like to find out who makes these...
  5. After successfully programming the remote keypads for two Ford Focus' and a Ford Fiesta, I had to admit defeat and take my TC to the dealership for programming...they had it done in under an hour and didn't charge me anything...
  6. CapnTroy

    Add seating to work version?

    Nice writeup, thanks!
  7. CapnTroy

    Add seating to work version?

    Please tell us more about this...
  8. CapnTroy

    New 17" Wheels & Tires Are On...

    No noticeable difference, it's what you'd expect from a little 4-banger... :-)
  9. CapnTroy


    Great, thanks!
  10. So, based on reviews that I read as well as advice from my local tire guy, I decided to get Nitto Motivo 225/50/17 tires to go with my new Volvo "Amalthea" rims... The Motivos have a 60,000 mile tread life warranty and have a slightly higher load rating at the same 50psi than the OEM 15" Continentals had, so I didn't have to get the TPMS's re-calibrated either. An added bonus; my speedo has been reading 2 mph too high since I bought the TC (based on data from 2 different GPS units). The first thing that I noticed yesterday after I installed the 17" tires and rims was that my speedo is now agreeing with the GPS's at all speeds. I like the ride with the new tires too; firm and stable.
  11. CapnTroy


    Hi Bill - nice mods on your TC! Who made your quilted window shades...?
  12. CapnTroy

    What Size Tires for Volvo 17" Rims?

    Thanks for the link. These wheels are 17" x 7.5" by the way...
  13. I should have the fourth and final Volvo 17" Amalthea rim in my hands in the next couple of days...what size tires have you guys put on your 17" Volvo rims fitted to your Transit Connect...?
  14. CapnTroy

    New additions to my Mini RV

    Very cool. How do you like the roof fan...?