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  1. mdarren

    SHO Wheels on a '16 TC

    Looks great. I'm planning to upgrade the wheels on my TC also. I like the look of Ion truck wheels particularly the model 101 which are 16X6.5 et50.
  2. Nice upgrades. The platform for dogs is definitely a good idea.
  3. Mine don't have any leaks or condensation.
  4. Old thread, but I'm curious about that custom roof rack.
  5. mdarren

    Crash bar?

    Haven't seen one. Maybe a custom push bar is your best option.
  6. mdarren

    New here from South Florida

    Nice TC. Congrats and enjoy your new ride!
  7. mdarren

    Katerack system in a TC Wagon ???

    Tight fit but looks functional. Nice mod.
  8. mdarren

    center caps for a 2012

    Looks great. What polishing product did you use?
  9. Thanks for the pics. The large mirror looks better and is more useful.
  10. mdarren

    Footwell Lighting?

    Great info. Adding footwell lighting is my next project.
  11. mdarren

    Cruise Control Add

    Just saw this video--
  12. mdarren

    Fifty150's Truck

    It is like a hearse with those big, shiny wheels.
  13. mdarren

    MK2 Lowering Springs

    Hey OP, are you done lowering the rear of your TC? Post some pics when you can.
  14. Nice idea. How do you like it so far?
  15. Nice modification! Having a hidden storage is definitely a good idea.