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    What kind of tires does your TC have? My stock tires got stuck in a little grass / mud at Obstruction Pass in the parking lot today.
  2. Just seeing this now. YES, Rack-n-Road installed the rack and did a great job. It took them a lot longer than they expected due to the thickness of the metal at the front end of the roof. They went through numerous drill bits. The folks in Bellevue, WA did it.
  3. That is exactly what it is. Wavy lines. Defroster wires. Still tough to ignore. Thanks for the replies.
  4. Driving my 2019 passenger at night is very distracting as the entire windshield seems to be pixelated. Lots of little squares and x's. My husband noticed several suction cup marks on the windshield. Wondering if the dealer perhaps replaced a smashed windshield at some point. Is this standard? One of the issues may be that I am a touch over 5'1" and oftentimes, I notice things a taller driver would not. Thx!
  5. 2019 LWB passenger is the Rhino Rack RTS535. There is currently a 3-week or more delay on the parts. I'm waiting on mine from Rack-n-Road in Bellevue, WA.
  6. Rileuy

    Broken red rear seat strap

    The car is back from the dealer. Audio and seat are fixed. The strap was never routed correctly. The audio needed a new part. No idea on the smoke as I need to have some one drive around behind me (or borrow a go-pro and video it). The Service folks have assured me that all sorts of stuff has been known to blow out the back of new cars during the break-in period... "who knows what protective coating is on the components." The service manager and sales team apologized. The GM for the dealership gave me his extension (note that not even the sales people here have their own extensions.. it's a "low budget" operation). I did read up on the lemon laws and understand the 30 days, 4 attempts to fix, etc.., The dealer's response is that the law is in place to protect them from people who change their mind (the new car obviously depreciated the second I drove it off the lot, so they aren't interested in taking it back). TC's in good used condition are a bit tough to find around. I figured having a new car would protect me from used car hassles. I have asked for the dealership to reach out to Ford to provide an extended warranty if they truly stand behind this car. I don' t have high hopes, but maybe Ford will do the right thing. Sure would be nice.
  7. Rileuy

    Broken red rear seat strap

    Sound Ford in Renton, WA has been beyond horrible. They've had the car since Tuesday. They left one voicemail on Wednesday stating that a new audio power integrated module was needed, and they'd call me back on Thursday to follow up on the other issues (seat strap and smoke). Guess what. NO CALL BACK. Even more disappointing is that I get disconnected 50% of the time I try to reach Service. Most other times no one answers. The only way I seem to be getting through is to call the sales person and have them route me. Today is Sunday, a week to the day I picked up my TC. I really wanted this vehicle for small jobs around town and weekend camping out on the coast. At this point, I want absolutely nothing to do with Ford. Even if the vehicle problems can be fixed, I don't know what is going to break next (they had to put a new battery in it prior to me buying it). Given the poor customer service response, why would I want to deal with that, especially since the Subaru and Honda repair shops around here are exceptional. I reached out to the sales person again yesterday and asked that they unravel the entire deal. Of course there was nothing they could do being Saturday and all and "no manager was available on a weekend to help." Legally, I don't think they have to. There are lemon laws to be followed. However, more bad publicity is not something Ford needs. They need to take care of their customers.
  8. Rileuy

    Broken red rear seat strap

    https://www.tascaparts.com/oem-parts/ford-seat-frame-dt1z1760032a?origin=pla&gclid=CjwKCAjw4NrpBRBsEiwAUcLcDG5Kkmgfb7LjDt-zSD7ToiajnRooIEDi4tqbNT_x32chr-Hm3WIQXRoClYAQAvD_BwE I think I could have figured it out, but the new TC, did I say NEW?? ... as in less than 24 hours in my paws, started blowing smoke on deceleration and I got the blue screen of death on the display (Carplay) console. My last few cars were Hondas or Subarus and I never had such a hard time getting service.... or anything break immediately. May get to test Washington state's lemon law at this rate.
  9. Picked up my new Transit Connect yesterday. When I got it home and attempted to put the rear seats down, one folded just fine. The red strap on the rear of the other one wouldn't budge, then it let go. I've called 4 local dealerships (Seattle area... Renton where I bought it, Kirkland, Issaquah, and Snohomish). The only service desk to actually put a person on the phone with me was Snohomish, but there is no availability until August 8th. First off, has anyone else had this happen? Secondly, how hard would it be to fix it myself? Since I didn't hear anything snap, I'm assuming the tab must have slipped off something inside. Thx!