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  1. 2015 XLT wagon with the third row of seats out, I'm running light loads, In the mountains, many many curves and some highways. Lots of curves, oh I said that already, did I mention I don't drive like Grandma ? My Kumho's, a 40,000 miles tire got down to 3/32 and 4/32 in 17,600 miles. They were a great feeling, handling tire on wet and dry roads. $420 out the door at Walmart. I went back to walmart because they were not so good anymore in the wet and they prorated them and sold me Goodyear viva 3's. These tires were $73 each plus all the other fee's and mounting cost. I added the $10 per tire road hazard thing. Walked out the door on fresh rubbers for Just shy of $250, these viva 3's are 60,000 mile tires, the guy said I'd get about 30 to 35k and they would prorate them out on the next set of what ever tire I choose.. They feel and handle great wet or dry just like the Kumho's did when new, Thanks Walmart 😛 I did the math, no more expensive tires for me. I'll stick to new fresh cheap rubber every other year I think....
  2. Osco


    I don't think a few wiser people choosing not to buy Mobil products would have any effect on the companies bottom line. I choose it because of the results I have gotten, and the price,, I think it was $28 for 5 qts at wally world,, BUT I will admit I prolly would get the same results from any top shelf oil you guys could name. On Mobile 1: 394,000 trouble free miles out of a AMC straight six designed in 1957, converted to EFI and In my 1996 jeep cherokee before I wore out a rear main. 410,000 out of a Geo Metro with the Toyota twin cam. 380,000 out of a tacoma with the 2.4 L four banger,, would have got more but crashed it. and my best: 528,000 out of the Toyota 2.7 Liter 4 banger in my 2006 Tacoma, I pulled a 2,000 enclosed trailer and 800 or so in the bed. It had low compression and the mpg's were falling, imagine that....528k,,,,never even replaced the timing chain. not a single engine problem. My research told me my oil and filter choice was a major factor In ALL these engines.. "Mobile is a city in Alabama" PMSL good catch 😛
  3. When I was hauling 800 ish pounds on the back, or even a thousand I'd use manual shift, If I remember right 4th gear @ 65-70 mph got me up in the power curve sweet spot. My 2.5 twin cam always has loved to rev. I'm comfortable pulling 4,500- 5,000 rpms,, some people are not I would think...
  4. Turkey, Espania, France,, Not the USA don't remember where I read It was France, I prolly got it off the Internet 😛
  5. Remember, this van was designed, tested, vetted and built In France, 4 full size french people not a problem, WE Americans as a whole love to eat, In excess LOL I have no problem tucking in with the big trucks while climbing the Cumberland gap 😛
  6. When I quit my freeway driving Job at 95,000 miles i had my brakes Inspected, pads were at 60% front and 50% rear. My 90k to my current 115k miles was not big city driving, more rural country style,, retired and all that. They still look good, my est is 40% rear and 45% front left.. Just waiting for the squeal tabs to hit.
  7. I got the creeper van white because I was In The Florida heat and on the road most days, Tell your Daughter that the 'Creeper" comment Is stuck In my head like a bad tune, :P Don't worry about the tranny or anything actually, It's a Ford, change the Oil with the good stuff and drive it like a sports car :D 115,000 on my 16 2.5L, paid for and I will drive it into the ground...
  8. Osco


    I resemble that remark, Mobile 1 extended and the best filter I can find every 10,000 miles, Took a 2007 2.7 Ltr Toyota Tacoma to 528,000 miles, often pulled a 2,000 lb trailer. wore it out, low compression.. Took a 1996 Jeep Cherokee with the designed in 1957 amc 4.0 L upgraded to EFI to 394,000. rear main let go. Mobile 1 has the right stuff, correct pfe and additive package I would think.
  9. Osco

    Typical Mileage

    All the Initial cost, all that work, no thanks. I'm retired now and happy with my 24 mpg average in these hills and curves...
  10. Osco

    2015 TC Longevity

    I;d not call It bright but it was red and clean,, Only reason I can think of was the fact that this van lived on the Interstate. Say 80% super slab, 10% rural back roads and 10% city.. Did those of you who got black , burnt brown fluid out get a better shifting van after the flush ? As I said mine shifted the same ...
  11. Osco

    2015 TC Longevity

    Hit by Lightening while doing 70mph at about 75,000 miles, blew up everything, road hazard covered the $6500 repair. Now at 115,000 One repair was a A/C temp sensor, repaired by Ford, couple hundred bucks, I forget exactly. Second was a door sensor last spring, this one was surely a slow to fail part from the lightening strike Nothing else. And the best part, It's paid for 😛
  12. Osco

    2015 TC Longevity

    Changed my plugs yesterday @115K Replaced with stock Iridiums (MotorCraft SP-530) The old plugs showed some heat scaring on the Insulators, The two outside plugs were twice as bad as the two Inside, prolly runs a degree or two cooler out there.. I should have took a picture but they were pretty typical looking. I think I could feel a bit more power, but doubt that,, Its one of those things we want to feel..... It did start noticeably faster, but was IMHO plenty fast starting with the old plugs, I take that as a win. There was a noticeable gain In engine smoothness at idle, not that It was very rough before, just smoother now, another win. I still believe My K&N air filter was an Improvement over a new clean paper filter, It seemed to add a tiny bit of snap to response on take off's and Idled with greater predictability, settled down much quicker.. Warning ! If you get one and clean it Incorrectly or over Oil it you will need a throttle body cleaning or two, read and RE-read the cleaning kit Instructions. Over cleaning will destroy the filter, I put mine it at 25,000 miles and just cleaned it for the second time.
  13. Osco

    Tire Pressure

    Fifty150, Mines the Long wheel base wagon, Max load rating is reduced to 1250 lbs due to the extra seats and all those windows, they require more metal support so less cargo weight. The third row I took out I bet weighs 100 pounds. To others running the door sticker pressures, 41, 44 I've tried with more than one brand of tire. Door pressures: Burned the rear center treads down really fast. Handled ok but the back end was skittish when pushed in a corner ( I know Its a Mini van but It handles, I love chasing Mini Coopers down mountain switch backs) Made more noise, Slipped more on wet take offs, Was a much harsher ride,
  14. Osco

    2015 TC Longevity

    115,000, first transmission flush, old fluid came out looking just like the new fluid.. Shifted exactly the same after. Flushed the cooling system, Still running original factory brake pads front and rear... Yep you read that right.
  15. Osco

    Tire Pressure

    If I run more than 41 psi in my rears, (Door Say's 44) in my 2015 LB XLT wagon I'll burn out the center treads In No time. I run light with the third row seats out, 40 psi in the front and 41 rear year around with regular 5,000 mile rotations to get even tread wear...