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  1. I'm advised to change it every time. Probably not a bad idea if it's only a few pennies
  2. All done, plastic sump and plastic sump plug. Bizarre and yet a good idea. I think@
  3. Yah as, Found a thread on another forum, plastic sump, plastic sump plug with an O ring. Half a turn and hey presto I'll have another go when the weather improves
  4. It could perhaps be very thin black plastic coated aluminium. But it's screwed on all the way round as a sump is.
  5. Hello there, I feel pretty stupid posting this query but happy to accept ridicule if it prevents me doing the wrong thing. I'm unable to locate the oil drain plug. The sump looks to be made of plastic and what I think is the drain plug looks to be some sort of push in plastic stopper affair. This can't be right can it? If it is, how do you remove it without damaging it. Can you feel my embarrassment. I've worked on vehicles for years with no problems, but this has got me stumped.