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  1. brianblue

    GOT IT!!!

    Thanks everyone! i will try the Osram Nightbreakers!!
  2. Decided to buy the Gen 1 Connect XLT I was looking at! ( 2012, RED, with 39k on the clock, super well maintained) . thank you all for feedback on my earlier questions. so far its all good, i have a short list of things I want to do... soundproofing and 'rattle chasing' being pretty high on the list. also want to remove and replace bulbs with Cree LEDS... pics when i get a chance...
  3. HelloI am new to Forum.. I have test driven a 2012 TC XLT cargo. everything works as it should and it is low miles. It has a LOT. of rattles and 'noises from the front and back as it goes over rough pave. i kind of expected that, but the most concerning is a 'clunk' from the right front.. ( bad strut???) . the sales guys said the mechanics checked out everything after i mentioned this on first drive. he said everything ok... no better on second drive.... i am ok with rattles, but the Clunk worries... any thoughts?