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  1. Bigfoot

    Replacing tires 2016 TC

    Hello, I know there has been numerous post on tires already. I have read through them. My head was spinning a bit with all the suggestions of larger wheels, Etc. My one question is.....I need to replace my factory tires. 16" rims and I am not changing. These OEM Continental tires have worn very well and handle well.. I do realize they are load rated and I will keep that of course. They are SO noisy and a really hard ride. I'm looking for anyone who has replaced their's with good success in my 2 problem area's. Thanks Bigfoot. Thanks to all in advance On a side note....Pictures coming tomorrow on my complete conversion !!
  2. I do have a second key...I think from now on I will carry it in case this happens again. That is really weird how the starter works...Better Idea???? Thanks for the info !!!!
  3. Hello, So twice now I have gotten in my 2014 TC and the starter ( I assume) is just clicking. The first time I though it was the battery and jumped it and it did start. Had the battery tested and it was fine. Happened again ..not quite as bad clicking but did start. I did notice both times the " No key detected " Light came on first. That led me to think it might be an Anti-theft issue. Any help really appreciated. Bigfoot
  4. Has anyone removed the plastic panels on the sides of the cargo interior on the 2014 or up van. Thanks Bigfoot
  5. Sorry somehow I missed this post I'll post some pictures when I get my windows. I ordered them they are horse trailer windows and I'm getting them installed in about two weeks. Bigfoot
  6. Hello

    I saw your post about the mounting plate for the maxxair fan I have a 2014 transit connect.  Do you have a plate for my vehicle ?

    Thanks Palmer

  7. Thank you !! Going to contact them.
  8.  Hey anyway you could give me some more information on the sliding windows you have in your doors ?

     I'm having trouble figuring out what size would go in there and where to get them from 

    Thanks Palmer

  9. I thought so too but I can't find it.
  10. Has anyone put sliding windows with screens in their sliding cargo van doors? Really wish I could find someone that has done it already Thanks Bigfoot
  11. Bigfoot

    TC soon to be camper owner

    Looking forward to getting help from this forum. I'm in the process of starting to convert my 2014 transit connect cargo van into a hopefully really cool camper Bigfoot.
  12. Bigfoot

    Cargo mat removal

    Thank you I'm a Newbie !!!!
  13. Has anyone removed the cargo mat that's in the cargo vans. ? i'm converting to a camper and I want to remove that and put down different flooring. Do the interior pieces and sliding door step covers have to be removed ? Thanks Bigfoot
  14. Bigfoot

    Rough Ride

    Hmmm..thanks for the replies. Did I mention it is a cargo van ? Hardest riding vehicle I've ever had. Bigfoot
  15. Bigfoot

    Rough Ride

    Hey, I am new to this forum..Can anyone advise me on possibly making for a smoother ride in my 2014 TC. I am sure this has come up before. I am converting to a camper and would love to soften the very hard ride. Thanks Bigfoot