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  1. mdarren

    Replacing tires 2016 TC

    I run Hankook all-season tires. Went this route because of the price I got at 4wheelonline. So far, these tires are wearing well, and traction is good.
  2. Looking for rear seats for 2012 TC. Thanks!
  3. mdarren

    General Grabber AT2 upgrade

    Bump. I'm curious as I'm thinking of getting 215/65/16 also but all-season tires instead. I'm leaning towards the Hankook tires or maybe Goodyear.
  4. Check out Spec-D foglights. I've heard good things about this brand.
  5. Looks good. Did you make some drilling or cutting?
  6. Cool. Looks like you got the necessary stuff you need during long travel.
  7. mdarren

    Van wrapping fails, again

    Okay, those wraps made my day. Thanks for sharing the link.
  8. mdarren

    Got my new wheels!

    Looks great. What's the offset of your new wheels?
  9. mdarren

    Are these factory lug nuts?

    Not sure, but they look like Dorman wheel nuts.
  10. mdarren

    Spare Tire Carrier

    What he said. Try ebay also.
  11. mdarren

    Mods so far...

    You can do some maintenance like cleaning the injectors and fuel line system to improve mileage.
  12. mdarren

    hub cap suggestions

    I like it. Can't go wrong with black wheels.
  13. mdarren

    Brake Caliper Covers

    Looks great. How's the quality of the paint?
  14. mdarren

    leather seat covers

    I ordered my seat covers from coverking. The fit is really great.
  15. Rigid LED bars are known to have good quality, though they are a bit pricey.
  16. mdarren

    Replacement Wheel Covers

    Looks like a good deal. I'm tired about the look my hub caps so I'm thinking of getting alloy rims.
  17. mdarren

    Ford TC Lift Kit?

    Bump. I'm curious as well. I'm thinking that strut tower extension, longer shocks and rear blocks can be a way to lift the TC.
  18. mdarren

    Welcome, mdarren

    Thanks for the welcome! I own a 2011 Transit Connect. I decided to sign up to learn more and share my knowledge.