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  1. I then slapped the mat back down and cut out the rubber around the hatch cutout. Dropped in the hatch, popped in the step trim, and screwed down my cargo tie downs. Finished product, thanks for looking at my creation, feel free to ask about anything I might have left out!
  2. I crafted this out of 3/4 inch plywood which is the support for the hatch and ties everything together. I then bolted everything down and to make up for the 3/4 inch plywood height above the existing floor, I cut out the foam under the mat which just so happens to be 3/4 inch thick to exactly match this piece.
  3. I finally decided to tackle this project after taking some time to research and think about how I was going to go about it. Just like a lot of other people, I REALLY wanted access to that extra space below that floor and I can tell you now, it was totally worth the effort and money. I can fit all kinds of stuff in there and the hatch is concealed to any would be robbers under my mattress. I've been outfitting my van geared towards a roadtripper style with simplicity and low weight in mind. No built in platforms, kitchens, or other comforts, as I like space in the back when I am relaxing on the road, so this extra room created without taking away space, was invaluable. Here are the photos I took as the project went along. Starting with the floor and front support already removed. The concept here was to be able to use some existing bolts and threads to tie everything together. I cut the center support out but left the posts. Sawzall with a metal cutting blade worked well. I cut and shaped the sides of the cargo floor out to form the bridge to the posts. Also cut and shaped the front support, then reinstalled as shown.
  4. B0NE

    Euro Upper Rear Lights?

    The part numbers of the reflectors DARKV8DR is looking for are DT1Z-13404-A (Right Upper) & DT1Z-13405-A (Left Upper).