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  1. Thank you guys so much! I took out all my seats but not my carpeting, and I didn't check for anything under the carpet. Today I will. I have the factory installed hitch so if that's where the wires go, I won't be able to use the hole for anything else (e.g. shower drain). Thanks a million!!!
  2. Incidentally, thanks for the photos showing the passenger seat can be folded flat. I got my used 2014 TC LWB without a manual (supposedly, the dealer has requested one for me and will be sending it), and I didn't realize you could do that. Now mine looks like yours. It makes a nice table when you're eating in the car!
  3. Do you mean the black cap on the van floor in the foreground of this photo? Or something else? I can't see any other opening anywhere else in the photos.
  4. If you guys are still reading, can you tell me where is the "rubber exit plug"? Or post a photo of it? I have a 2014 TC LWB wagon, if that matters. I have a round rubber cap right near the back doors, but it looks like that's where the spare tire is bolted in. Is that where you're referring to, or something else?
  5. Thanks for the responses, GBL an Fifty150. The dealer wouldn't see me since it was a weekend, but my friendly local Advance Auto Parts sold me a cap that fits and keeps the oil from spraying, as well as the right oil to make up what was lost. I will go back to the dealer when they're open again and at least let them know what happened. Happily it seems no harm was done.
  6. I have what is probably a very dumb question. I bought a 2014 Ford Transit Connect LWB wagon a week ago. From a dealer. Without looking under the hood, I'm sorry to say. Last night I notice what I thought was engine oil dripping down the side of the car on the front passenger side. I opened the hood and it looked like oil sprayed all over the inside of the hood. So I look for the source of the oil and I notice that I'm not seeing an oil filler cap where I think it's supposed to be located. Could it be that the filler cap is missing? It's supposed to be brightly colored according to the manual. Not seeing anything like that. I'm guessing it has the oil specs printed on it. I can't find that in the manual. I need to add oil - don't know what kind/grade. The dipstick shows almost to a minimum. Anybody give me a hint as to what oil to use and what the oil cap is supposed to look like. Thanks a million. Carla