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  1. bdmridgeback

    Katerack system in a TC Wagon ???

    It was a really really tight fit. Had to remove some of the factory sealant in the corner of the wheel wells and floor because the rack is a tight fit between the wells. Also, because I use it as a baby hauler after hours, I decided to make some very heavy extra support brackets out of 1/4" x 3" plate steel. This thing is solid as a rock. Now just need to get some aluminum mesh or plate to secure load openings into the passenger compartment.
  2. bdmridgeback

    Katerack system in a TC Wagon ???

    There is going to be a solid panel installed on the front of the slide out rack floor to ceiling no matter what. Not taking any chances with any flying stuff. But aside from that I don't haul much at all. I do factory warranty work of Paint Protection Film on fronts of 1/2 to 1 Million $ RVs. Almost everything I haul combined is about 100 lbs.
  3. so I think I posted it in the wrong section the other day but I was wondering if anybody had put a Katerack system in a Wagon. I called Katerack and they told me they had never done it before and obviously wouldn't go in with all the interior trim in it. So here I am, I bought the take out rack for $450. The guy had 10 of them for sale 😳. Measurement wise, it looks very tight or may need modifications like cutting the 3rd row upper seat belt bracket off. I may still the welds and save them to weld back on if I sell it years down the road.
  4. Anybody install a Katerack pull out shelving system in a Transit wagon? This rack came out of a Transit Connect Cargo van, but I'm sure it's not going in one with a headliner in it without modification. I called Katerack and they claim they have never put one in. Just wondered if anyone else has done it.
  5. bdmridgeback

    MK2 Lowering Springs

    I have a 2019 TC Wagon LWB and looking for springs. The modyourconnect site says the 2014+ do not fit a 2019. Didn't know anything suspension wise changed in the last couple years.
  6. bdmridgeback

    2019 TC Wagon Backup assist Fault

    well my brand new 2019 Transit Connect wagon has to go back to the dealer after only three thousand miles on it because ever since I brought it home every time I put it in reverse about nine out of 10 times it says "park aid fault". Hasn't worked reliably since I brought it home
  7. bdmridgeback

    New here from South Florida

    Thanks for the add to the group here. looking forward to sharing info. just picked me up a 2019 TC Wagon...baby hauler and work van. 18" black wheels and drop springs next in line.