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Found 22 results

  1. Please forgive me if this has been discussed. This is my first post, and after a search, I did not find the answer. If it's been discussed, please kindly provide links to those discussions. Thank you! My question(s): is it possible to install seats (and safety belts) to the cargo portion of a transit connect? And if so, can you share links/pics? We're looking at making a mini-camping van, so would prefer to go with the cargo version (not the wagon). I like that there's no windows in the back of the cargo version, and if we got the wagon, we'd have to rip everything out anyway to do the conversion the way we want.
  2. I'm looking at getting a transit connect XLT 2010-2013 and ideally I'd like it to have a second row seating I'd be able to remove when transporting cargo. However I'm having better luck finding the cargo vans without said seat. Is it possible to install the second row seats to the cargo model?
  3. I bought a 2013 TC specifically to be able to haul some motorcycles to shows, the track and to places I wanted to ride at but not ride to. Granted, it wont haul everything I have. It does pretty well with a max of 72" in length. With the high top, it will take most standard type bikes, with the mirrors. I recently drove from Texas to SW Utah and overall, the TC performed great (all things considered). The TC will go to the lower gear (regularly) to climb a hill but I set the cruise on 75-80 with no problem. In some segments I crossed 30 mpg. Good things: Motorcycle is inside the vehicle, allowing you to park it about anywhere Low deck height allowing for one person loading/unloading No trailer. Better gas mileage than pulling a trailer Bad things: Smell of gas in the van if you don't carry it empty The front tire of the bike is your wing man as it rides up between the two front seats See pics
  4. TomCrom11

    2011 TC Cargo horn

    Looking for Horn Relay location and wiring? I have Used 2011 TC Cargo with 179K miles. in Seattle for $4500.oo. Had damaged Ladder rack with minor exterior damage to rear and front bumper. I removed the roof ladder rack, inside selfing and wire partition. After a month I noticed the Horn does not work and I was quoted $300.00 to replace the Clockspring Assembly.
  5. What's up everyone? I am hoping to add a liner to my TC XLT. My father in law bolted down a piece of plywood to give the van an even surface. What suggestions do you all have for me? I would like to use something other than the premade liners that big companies sell for ~$100-$200. Thank you all in advance!
  6. Ford doesn't offer this in their accessory catalog anymore and the only places still stocking them want $400! Anyways, I'm selling this for $250 or best offer on eBay, but will sell to a member for $200. PM me if you want it. Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/282670433144
  7. have removed the 2nd and third row seats on my 2017 LWB TC. Now want to add some kind of a headache rack behind where the side sliding door opening is. Maybe a cage, cargo net etc. Have the overhead bins above the 2nd seats, so there is no attachment place that I can find to anchor a cage. Could attach the sides to maybe where the upper seatbelt bolt connects and use the floor bolting points where the seats attach, but what kind of cage \ partition has any one used. Do not want to spend tons if say I could use like wire shelving cut to fit? Any ideas? Thanks
  8. Like the one shown in the video below. Fits 2014-2017 Ford Transit Connect (If you have the proper hooks). It's brand new never used. $60 + shipping. I'm in SoCal.
  9. Marksteinca

    Greetings from Central California

    Just joined, recently drove my new company vehicle off the lot and back to the shop to have custom graphics by our art department. I work for a petroleum services company that builds, works on, tests, and inspects gas stations. I am the primary Designated Operator which inspects stations for regulatory compliance. Company bought the 2016 Connect for the purpose of inspections and light service work. Love it, and look forward to learning more in this group.
  10. gopropak

    New from Virginia

    Hello all, You can see the specs for the wheels in the Wheels & Tires section of the forum. Here's a few pics of my '16 LWB Cargo all shined up!
  11. gopropak

    '16 TC Cargo w/ST Wheels

    Hello all, Just purchased an XLT Cargo TC (actually hard to find!) Primarily used for work and hauling on-location photo equipment. It is working out perfectly since I was tearing up the interior of my car & SUV with all the gear. Just added a set of 18" Focus ST wheels from ebay ($500). Great fit and looks great! Added Genral Altimax 235/45/18 which give me clearance all the way around. Brake caliper covers come from MGP for $199 which keep the wheels shiny and look sporty as well. On the lookout for a spoiler and an exhaust tip and I think I'll be done. Here's a few pics after a wash yesterday.
  12. Hi All, I purchased a TracRac https://amzn.com/B01FZBJOQE for my 2014 Trans Connect Wagon. First off, I'm a little pissed that the rack is quite a bit smaller than shown in the amazon picture. They don't give a width spec on Amazon, but it is 53" wide. Wide enough for a sheet of plywood, until you put the load supports on the rack. With the load supports, the useable width is 43.5". It would be helpful for a utility rack to be design to fit a standard sheet size and they only had to cut the extrusion a few inches longer. Oh well...more modifications I can make! The feet are made by Thule. I think that TracRac is owned by Thule. When I emailed customer support, Thule was on the return email. I had a few issues with the installation, so I thought that I'd post pics as I go along. I've read many places that the OEM roof mounting points are not accessible on a wagon. That may still be true, but I was able to access the second position mounts in the sliding door area. In the instructions for the rack they say not to use the forward-most mounting point. I think this is due to air bag or headliner location. I've watched videos of people driling out the roof and installing RivNuts. I'm willing to try this if I need to, but I'd rather not drill holes in the roof. Attached is some pictures of my front rack installation. No headliner removal, you just have to get a little creative: First get under the caps with a pocket knife to get them started. Then uses a panel fastener tool. I got this one at NAPA for $6.00. Second: Fashion a fishing line for your mounting screw. Route it from the top out the side of the recess in the track / headliner covering in the sliding door. I just used stranded wire. I think it is easier to mount the racks with the screw coming up from the bottom. This makes it easier to get the thick fender washer in the mix. You want a thick washer on the inside because it needs to resist the bolt tension and support the surrounding sheet metal. Twist or tape the screw to your fishing line and guide the fastener up through the hole. Here is a pic of the fastener up through the second OEM roof mount hole. They supply the rack with 6mm bolts. Kinda scrawny if you ask me, but we'll see how it goes. Anything bigger would require drilling. You could sub out the provided fasteners with 1/4-20 hardware. It fits. I ended up using the stuff they sent. But, my guardian angled was telling my to install 1/4-20 x 2" stainless hex head screws and lock nuts. You can get up in that area with a 1/4" ratchet set. That gray paint there is Cold galvanizing compound. I hit a few scratches that I made when I was prying off the cap. This is also what you would use if you drill. As per the instructions, goober a bit of silicone around the screw to keep water out. It should be pretty well sealed by the rubber foot, but this should help. I used clear because I usually end up getting that shit all over myself and would have silicone fingerprints all over my van if I didn't. Oh, remember to but a nut on your screw so that it doesn't fall into the interior of the van. That would blow. This is the tricky part. You have to find the hex head up at the roof rack in order to hold the screw as you turn the nut. It takes some practice, but once you do it 500 times you start to get the feel for it. Just get the nut started at this point. You'll want to leave all the fasteners loose. I started by just mounting the rubber feet and brackets...no cross-bar yet. Then add the cross bar and start all the screws. Once you have all the screws started, you can begin to torque them down. Here is a pic of the crass bar mounted. You can see that the roof mounting fastener has the nut on top. I added some threadlocker on the nut before install. I tried torquing all the fasteners per the instructions, but some seemed to keep on turning before I hit the spec. They all seemed more than snug, so I called it good. You can also see how long the load supports are. I like the twist knobs and the eyelet for holding down a load. But, it kills me that the space between them is not 48". I have a few ideas on how to solve this issue. The rear mounting points are under the headliner. It wasn't too bad getting to them, but if you think you have to take your racks on/off frequently, you wouldn't want to go this route. First, you pull off the rubber seal all the way around other than on the bottom. Use your Trim Panel Tool to pop out the white plastic pop fasteners holding the rear of the lower trim panel to the sheet metal. Use the T-50 bit to remove the seat belt mount. After you hunt down all the pop fasteners, you can remove the upper trim panel. It's not easy, but with a little patience you can get to all the fasteners with your tool. There are four pop fasteners on the panel. You can reach three from underneath, but you have to nab the top one from between the headliner and the trim panel. Pull the three little grey X-mas tree fasteners to loosen up the headliner a bit. They come up looking like turd, but they do install again just fine. As with the front rack, I used a little length of wire to come down from the roof mounting point. These mounting points are visible up in between the headliner and the sheet metal, but you need a pretty long extension to get in there. Fasten both sides loosely until you get the X-bar on. Then, torque everything down. Install all the panels and replace any of the fasteners that you busted. I bought some new ones at NAPA. An entire pack costs about $5. Woohoo! Yer Done! I'm still a little suspicious of only an M6 screw on both sides holding this on. But, no drilling or Rivet Nutting which I would be afraid would lead to rusting or loosening over time. Space between the mounts is about 60".
  13. So I'd like to rent a Transit Connect from Chicago to Florida to pick up a motorcycle a family member is selling to me. I called a local dealership (I called many, really, but only ONE would rent to the general public) and they said they had a Transit Connect for me! Score! But... I found out they only rent the "Wagon" version with the seats in the back. Can anyone confirm if that version has the same 6 tie-down hooks/D-rings like the Transit Connect cargo van version does? Maybe I need to take out the seats? If there are not any tie-down hooks, are there any good tie-downs to utilize? I'm assuming the rear door height is the same on both versions (wagon vs. van). I asked the service dept rep at the dealership to confirm for me, but he didn't know the answer and said the rental wagon wasn't on-site at the moment so he couldn't check.
  14. Have for sale or possible trade of other Transit connect parts. ADRIAN STEEL 55 wide x 49 high Came with my 2015 purchase, brand new, taken out before use of van. $225 email me here or txt me at 7205394188 Thanks, Sean
  15. Are You Interested? Keep Your GoDolly When We’re Done! Enables One Person to lift heavy cargo, Inserting into the vehicle, Extracting from the vehicle, Moving on the ground. Three-belt winch system provides the power and applies it selectively. Simple—Hand crank operated, with driver/drill power optional Efficient—Weighs 75 pounds, carries/lifts 1000 pounds distributed Convenient-Removable wheels for easy loading/unloading Ergonomic-Webbing for lifting & hauling is easy on hands Customizable-Plywood platform easily drilled: 62 x 29 inches Fits TC – Length 72 inches, width over axles 32 inches Passes 36 inch doorway: width over axles 32 inches Folds flat for transport or storage. Integrated jack No permanent attachment to vehicle Please visit GoDolly.CO Email Rich@GoDolly.CO Phone Rich Dallmeyer at 617-332-7520
  16. Complete 2nd Row Seat Set from 2010-2013 TC Wagon including seatbelt hardware and headrests. $500. Pulled out from a new TC wagon and stored wrapped in plastic. The ideal way to gain maximum flexibility from your TC Cargo Van. Simple bolt-in installation. 15 minutes. Located in North Dallas. Delivery within 20 miles possible. Otherwise local pickup or actual shipping cost surcharge within the 48 continental states.
  17. ben_marko

    Interior panels?

    I have a 2010 Ford Transit Connect XLT, it only has windows on the doors and rear doors. The back side panels have no windows on them, and I would like to get interior trim panels for the inside if possible. I know that the passenger van has a nicer interior - but mine is just a used commercial van. I took out the metal shelving and would like to place nicer trim panels going floor to roof, and for the inside back doors as well. I have done countless internet searches for these panels, but cannot find them anywhere. Does anyone know where I might get some? The local junkyards aren't exactly filled with these vehicles. Thank you -
  18. 2014 Transit Connect Wagon Cargo Space Time Lapse Video
  19. Hello All, I am a Fleet Manager at Villa Ford located in Orange Ca. It has come to my attention that it has been very difficult to locate CNG transit connects. At this time I have several (35+) units of 2012 dedicated cng transit connects on my lot that are ready for purchase. I just recentley sold a T/C to a gentelman that flew out here from San Jose to purchase one from me because he couldn't find any local dealers that could/would help him. He was very pleased with his new CNG T/C. It was he that told me about these different forums and thought it would be good to let people know that I have so many units ready for purchase. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. D
  20. Hello All, It has come to my attention that it is very difficult to locate specialty vehicles such as CNG transit connects, taxi packages, wagons and cargo's. I was directed to this website to be of service to those of you looking to purchase or to help answer questions prior to purchase. I currentley have several ( 35+) variations of New 2012 dedicated cng transit connects in stock here at my dealership. I am located in Orange, California at Villa Ford as a Fleet Manager. I just recentley helped out a gentelman that flew out here from San Jose to purchase a 2012 dedicated cng transit connect XLT Wagon, whom was very pleased to have located his vehicle, stating " these are very hard to find". It is he that told me about all the different forums and thought it would be a good idea to let people know that they are available and I have them here and ready to go. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. D
  21. Attempting to develop business manufacturing Accessories for unit-body vans, of which Ford Transit Connect is a prime example. I will be more specific over time. Trademark is GoDolly. I have applied for a U.S. patent. Now I am looking for people in the Boston area willing to serve as Beta Testers. Please see my Topic in [Forum] Exterior - Cargo, Hauling, Towing & Upfit Packages. Since other Forums - Exterior - Accessories and Modifications and Interior - Organization & Shelving - also seem to apply I may post in them as well. I look forward to hearing from you! Please visit GoDolly.CO Email Rich@GoDolly.CO Phone Rich Dallmeyer at 617-332-7520
  22. All-New Ford Transit Connect Delivers Unmatched Load-Carrying Ability, Lower Fuel Costs and Dynamic New Looks All-new Transit Connect makes global public debut at IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover, Germany; developed under the One Ford product strategy for sale in Europe, North America and other worldwide markets Stylish next generation new model provides compact van buyers with best-in-class load carrying ability, outstanding fuel economy and total dependability – adding up to best-in-class cost of ownership Hard-working attitude is combined with smart features and technology including car-like cockpit, Active City Stop and Ford SYNC with Emergency Assistance Ford Transit Connect Forum – The stylish all-new Ford Transit Connect sets new standards for load-carrying ability, cost of ownership and dependability in the compact van segment, and will extend the success of the current model. Making its global public debut at the Hanover IAA Commercial Vehicle Show, the Transit Connect forms part of a new generation of global Transit vans, developed under the One Ford product strategy for sale in Europe, North America and other worldwide markets. With its dynamic new looks, innovative load-carrying features and advanced technologies – including the 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine, Active City Stop and Ford SNYC – the all-new Transit Connect will provide van customers with a hard-working and desirable new vehicle. “This is a great-looking, hard-working new van, which will be a perfect fit for a wide range of businesses,” said Barb Samardzich, vice president Product Development, Ford of Europe. “We’ve taken the toughness and dependability of the current model, and added some smart new loadspace features, much-improved fuel efficiency, and a dynamic new style inside and out. We’re confident the all-new Transit Connect will bring new customers to the Ford brand.” Stylish, capable and versatile Showcasing Ford’s latest design language, the all-new Transit Connect has a dynamic and modern appearance, from the signature trapezoidal grille and slim, technical headlamps at the front, through the powerful rising shoulder line, to the distinctive vertical tail lamps at the rear. The stylish body is available in short-wheelbase (SWB) and long-wheelbase (LWB) versions, offering a spacious and practical load area with total volume of 2.9 m3 and 3.6 m3 (SAE) respectively. Customers can choose between Van, Double-Cab-in-Van and Kombi derivatives, to suit their exact business requirements. Smart design and engineering ensure the new Transit Connect delivers best-in-class load carrying ability. Features including a load-through hatch in the bulkhead and fold-flat passenger seat enable long loads up to 3.0 m (SWB) and 3.5 m (LWB) to be safely carried in the vehicle. Additional new features to boost everyday productivity include a dual passenger seat, so that van models can now carry three people in the cab. For Kombi and Double-Cab-in-Van models, maximum seating capacity is five (SWB) or seven (LWB) people; versatile rear seating and a movable mesh bulkhead allow the load area to be configured as required. In addition, the LWB model features a unique fold-flat seat capability that optimises the loadspace from front passenger space rearwards, and enables loads up to 3 m long to be carried. The new model has a stylish cockpit with car-like design and craftsmanship, a range of smart stowage solutions, and the latest Ford driver assistance features and interior technologies. Transit Connect is the first in its class to offer Active City Stop, and features the Ford SYNC voice-activated, in-car connectivity system with Emergency Assistance. Class-leading fuel economy and dependability Minimising overall cost-of-ownership was a high priority throughout the vehicle design and development, and the all-new Transit Connect targets best-in-class fuel economy, along with minimised maintenance and repair costs with extended service intervals. The powertrain line-up in Europe includes the highly-efficient 1.6-litre Duratorq TDCi diesel with a choice of 75, 95 and 115 PS versions, and the remarkable new 100 PS 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine – 2012 “International Engine of the Year”, plus a version of the acclaimed 1.6-litre EcoBoost engine available with a six-speed automatic transmission. The latest low-CO2 Ford ECOnetic Technologies help to minimise fuel consumption, including Auto-Start-Stop available on both diesel and petrol models. A range of efficient petrol engines with automatic transmission will be made available in the U.S. to meet local market needs. Since its 2002 launch, the Transit Connect has established a reputation for toughness and reliability. The new model has been engineered to extend this tradition of class-leading dependability, using customer feedback from around the globe to ensure that toughness and durability are designed in from the start. Unlike many rivals which are tested like passenger cars, the vehicle has been subjected to Ford’s ultra-stringent commercial vehicle testing and durability standards, covering millions of miles of arduous testing in laboratories, at proving grounds and on customer fleets. Next-generation global platform The all-new Transit Connect is based on a global platform that is derived from the state-of-the-art C-segment platform shared by models like the Focus and Kuga/Escape. Innovative technologies include an advanced Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) system featuring Load Adaptive Control, which adjusts the operation of the ESP stability systems to take account of variations in vehicle load, so the systems remain fully effective whether the vehicle is partially or fully laden. The vehicle was engineered in Ford’s commercial vehicle development centre in Europe – building on decades of experience developing market-leading Transit models – supported by the company’s full global product development resources. During development, the vehicle was carefully tailored to the different needs of customers around the world, including unique features and powertrains to meet local market requirements. In Europe, deliveries of the all-new Transit Connect are due to start by the end of 2013. In North America, the all-new Transit Connect is scheduled to go on sale by the fourth quarter of 2013.