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  1. Hey all, new to the forum, and haven't yet bought a TC, but seriously thinking about it. My wife and I have started renting out a couple RV's, and are thinking of buying a connect and turning into a mini/micro campervan (and rent it out as well) I think it has great potential for 1-2 week getaway trips. Joined the forum to see what kind of mods people are doing, and ask a few questions before we commit ourselves to the project.
  2. Thanks, MLB. I think I finally found a thread with info on this:
  3. super helpful thread! I've been wondering if this is possible. Great having the pics. Thanks, all!
  4. Please forgive me if this has been discussed. This is my first post, and after a search, I did not find the answer. If it's been discussed, please kindly provide links to those discussions. Thank you! My question(s): is it possible to install seats (and safety belts) to the cargo portion of a transit connect? And if so, can you share links/pics? We're looking at making a mini-camping van, so would prefer to go with the cargo version (not the wagon). I like that there's no windows in the back of the cargo version, and if we got the wagon, we'd have to rip everything out anyway to do the conversion the way we want.