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  1. Steverino

    It’s a mystery...

    i hate when that happens
  2. Steverino

    It’s a mystery...

  3. Steverino

    It’s a mystery...

    Anyone know what the function of these rubber buttons associated with rear door hinges. two on each door. I pressed the top set on right rear door and now they are recessed inside door. would hate to have it fly off 😬
  4. Picking up my 2013 tomorrow morning(do I need to name it?). Thinking electrical...best way to power. Maxx air, laptop, phone. I like the portability of the jackery. has anyone powered the fan off of it?
  5. Steverino

    Interior bed liner

    I teach in a CVTE school. The auto body shop has a paint room and all of industry standard equipment. Didn’t realize rustoleum was tended to peel off either
  6. Steverino

    Interior bed liner

    Do you need to sand/scruff the surface before applying?
  7. Anyone ever apply a spray on bed liner (raptor, rhino, rustoleum) to the interior cargo area? Walls, floor, ceiling? I would rather not cover those surfaces with paneling or boards. I like the utilitarian look of the original surfaces. Purchased a 2013, picking it up in a week or so. First step, strip ceiling, floor, detail interior
  8. Steverino

    Bunk beds!!!

    Convert to a bench? Saw something similar at Cabelas
  9. Steverino

    New owner starting point...

    Looking at a 2013, 81000 miles. Will be using it as a primary driver in addition to weekend trips in NYS/NE in spring-early fall. I am a HS reacher and have great opportunity during that timeframe. Planning on building it out myself with help from CVTE shop at my HS. Practice on this one and maybe in a few years pass it on to my son and purchase a newer model. what should I look during PPI? Thoughts, photos, links will be greatly appreciated
  10. Steverino

    New to TC forum

    Looking to purchase used 2015+ TC cargo by EOY. Will then build out for camping, biking, hiking.... I’ve got that aspect pretty much all set up. Any red flags to be looking for? Transmission/engine issues? I live and work within walking distance of a commercial ford dealer. I’ll be exploring this forum in the meantime, appreciate any information.